Amelia Island Paradise

My husband and I spent our first anniversary in Amelia Island this weekend. We had a great time. Par for the course, we booked at the same hotel that we have already stayed at. That is really funny but a little annoying in a sense!! I do it all the time! But it was in a great central location. It was a quick getaway where we enjoyed gorgeous sunsets, yummy Bloody Mary's and for the first time in I can't remember when-just true and utter down time. 

 As I was posting my sunset pictures on my Instagram, my friend told me I must go to a restaurant called 29 South. We decided to hit it for brunch the next day...and we were so glad we did! I mean, what did we do without the aid of social media to ask for recommendations?  

We enjoyed our lunch so much, we came back and grabbed dinner as well. The staff just couldn't be nicer. I mention this because there is a restaurant of the Italian nature that may or not be called Ciao that rudely told us they were closed at 8:10. You are either closed at 8 or at 830...but thank you for the opportunity to try 29 South again. Dinner was as spectacular and I must have the recipe to the bread with kale and sausage! Just the cutest place. Additionally, when we walked out of the restaurant the song I WALKED DOWN THE AISLE TO came on. The hostess was as excited as me. haha. Check them out on Facebook.

Stuffed French Toast

Sausage Kale Egg Bread Awesomeness

29 South on Urbanspoon

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