A New Office, A New Way To Work


Very fitting the first order of business in my new office is to blog about it! We are finally settling in after our close and after many many many weeks of looking for a desk, I have found one! At Office Depot, of all places, can you believe it? I scoured every little place over town! So, finally this office is an office. 

This has been a point of contention for my husband and I. It drives him absolutely nuts that I used a lap desk and a convenient horizontal position on the couch to conduct business. Part of me, would scream Jealous ala Amber (Amy Poehler) on SNL...(please tell me you have seen this sketch.) 

But really, I know he is right...I need to be somewhere to be productive to solve the world. Let's keep the whole he's right between you and I!!!

So , here I am-kitty on lap, Louis Armstrong on the Spotify being productive. Jealous?

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