Thanking The Home Seller

I have been knee deep in packing as we look to close on our new home this week. Everything has taken a backseat especially this favorite outlet of mine! It sucks but there is just no time to do anything lately. 

They say house buying is stressful...I wouldn't necessarily agree with that but I will say underwriters are the devil and this mortgage industry is in a very interesting state. But all is going well, and the appropriate amount of wine and whiskey will get us through. 

We are buying from an older couple who are moving back to Virginia. I wanted to write a thank you letter to our seller and assure them that they are making the right decision by selling us our home. I have read that people use this tactic as a way to beat out other buyers, but this is just me being a sap. I have been a little melancholy packing up this house we have only lived for six years so it was important for me to tell them thank you. I wrote a quick history on us, and ended it with this:

As we pack, memories are all around us in this house and I am sure that you have had the same experience. It was important to me that you both knew our story, our excitement to make your house our home and our assurance that you are selling to two people who will spend many years building our family in it.

What do you think?
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