Jolly VoxBox Review

This was my first VoxBox and it was like Christmas all over again! Check out all my goodies! 

1| Skinny Cow Chocolates 
How can you not love everything about Skinny Cow? Sweet Non Guilt Awesomeness! 

On Twitter at @TheSkinnyCow

2| Puffs tissues 
I have been ill, ill and ill...I love these Puffs, it gives me a sigh of relief every time I use them! 

On Twitter at @Puffs

3| Rimmel USA lip lacquer 
I have never tried Rimmel before, but the texture and the color made me an instant fan! 

On Twitter at @RimmelLondonUS

4| This NYC HD color trio 
I was so excited to open this and find the colors were perfect for me! I love browns of all kind and these are beautiful! 

On Twitter at @NYCNewYorkColor

5) Mini Ducklings  
This is perfect for my visual journalling. I used to date someone that said duck tape makes the world go round...although that relationship is dead and buried...the mindset stays the same.

On Twitter at @TheDuckBrand 

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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