Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween Pumpkin Crafting and Sunday Social

Happy almost October! Last night, I was invited to a Pumpkin crafting party and I am not gonna lie, it was a great excuse to go through all my crafting supplies. I really have to start getting this obsessive craft buying under control. My closet looks like a Hazmat Hobby Lobby.

It was nice to meet some new girls, and get our craft on. After spending more time than I would admit looking on Pinterest, I came up with a game plan for not one, but three pumpkins. I only finished one, but I will do the other ones today. I promise. I am also so thankful for my friend Ashley who is a Bow-DAZZLER.

The results were amazing! I decided to get my modge podge on, and tear strips of two different kinds of damask scrapbook paper (shocker) and modge podge to pumpkin. One of the girls did a straight up masking tape one, I think I might borrow!

This was hosted by Scarlett who I have the pleasure of knowing most of her cute life. Her cousin has been my best friend for 30 years. If that is not exciting enough, our husbands are related-ish. But sadly, if I thought about it hard enough-that would make me her kind of sort of new step aunt and that is just silly...Anyway, more importantly she will be blogging soon and I am excited for her.

It's Sunday Social time!!

This Weeks Questions:

1. What is your dream job? I am knee deep in it! This week, I celebrate my third year in business. It is something I am really proud of! I also love any opportunity to write write write.

2. If you had just won the lottery and didn’t need to work for money, what would you do with your time? I would start a charity! I would also a LOT more writing...I sense a theme today.

3. What piece of career advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field? Remember, it is you that has the great gift of saying who, when and how much! Oh, and get a mantra-stat!

4. What would be your ideal “just for fun” job? Owning a yoga studio upstairs with a cupcake shop downstairs. I am not kidding.

5. What was your first “real” job? I was a Junior Department Fashion Buyer for 16 lol.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Breaking Bad Finale? Bring on the Cocktails!

Watch the Series Finale with a “Breaking Bad” drink recipe!!

It’s time to celebrate and time to mourn. It is the end of an era. An era filled with drama, madness and meth. Yes, we are talking about the final episode of "Breaking Bad." And as we sit here anxiously awaiting Sunday night’s bittersweet finale, The Savory felt it was only right to head to our own “lab” and cook up some legal delicacies to enjoy like The Pontiac Aztec Cocktail.

Walter White’s now famous mode of transport is forever burned in our minds, with and without windshield intact. "Breaking Bad" creator, Vince Gilligan, had the memorable green color custom made, and no other Aztek can be found in that color. The Savory bartender, Pete Capella, did his best to pay homage to that color, along with the down and dirty tone of the show, by putting together a cocktail that is almost as groundbreaking as "Breaking Bad" itself. Ladies and gents, The Savory proudly presents: The Pontiac Aztek Cocktail.

The Pontiac Aztec Cocktail Recipe
2 oz Mezcal

1 oz Velvet Falernum
½ oz Green Chartreuse

½ oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice
1 dash Absinthe
Grapefruit Twist for Garnish

Stir all ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into rocks glass. Place one large ice cube in glass. Garnish with a large grapefruit twist.

This recipe is courtesy of The Savory,com describes itself as a food site for the rest of us. Working chefs, bartenders, artisans, & farmers breaking down gourmet. No lifestyle experts. No hosts. No jacket & tie required. I am not gonna lie, I am a little obsessed. 

Find them on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram  

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Fancies-What to Wear To Work

I am participating in another fun Friday Fancies. This week it is about the workplace. I don't have to get dressed for work too often other than normal clothes and it is real fun, but sometimes I miss my day in radio sales. I actually have a real appointment today that I have to take off the yoga wear for. I love green and navy blue and I am obsessed with open toe shoes and colored tights. Trust me.

Want to join Friday Fancies Link Up? Click here to get on the list! Its so fun and you will meet other bloggers!

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One for the Closer. Farewell Mariano Rivera

One thing you may or may not know about me, is that I am a die hard Yankee fan. Born and bred. And as much as it nauseates me, this season has proven that I am also not a bandwagoner. For the first time in a very very very very long time, there is no postseason Yankee baseball to watch as they did not make the playoffs,..or even the Wildcard. Yikes. 

But the Yankees sent Mariano Rivera off in a fine fashion last night at Yankee stadium. Mariano, was joined by Andy Pettite and Derek Jeter, part of the Core Four (minus Jorge Posada) The three players have known each other since they were in the minors in the early 1990s, and all three came up to the Yankees for the first time in 1995.

Even if you are a die hard Red Sox fan, your heart will move a little bit at this sendoff.

Its Fitness Friday!! I have a new pair of running shoes that I have been wearing. For the first time since I started my running treck I changed my shoes. I feel a little guilty, haha my poor Mizzunos are sitting there while my new Asics and I are out on a little jaunt. I like them, they are lighter...and they don't make my feet hurt...all really good things. It has rained every day here for the past week, so tomorrow I am looking to get out for a good run...I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Check out my new babies. ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 14 Running Shoe

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bra-Tini 2013, Celebration for the Cause to Support MSABC

Get your tickets now to Bra-tini, a fundraiser for Breast Cancer to support Making Strides Against Breast Cancer for Volusia and Flagler Counties! More details are here!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Daytona Fundraiser-Dining in the Dark, A Benefit for the Visually Impaired.

My gorgeous friend Kahlin is a smart cookie and she is putting on a really cool fundraiser that I hope you will come to!

Dining in the Dark is an exciting fundraising dinner to benefit the Center for the Visually Impaired. Join the Center for the Visually Impaired, Sheriff Ben Johnson and his deputies, and radio personality, Leslye Gale for Daytona's most unique dining experience on Wednesday, October 2nd at the Daytona Hilton Oceanfront!

Dining in the Dark is an exciting fundraising dinner to benefit the Center for the Visually Impaired. Guests enjoy a lighted reception and cocktails with silent auction and music by Steel Daddy, followed by the thrill of a four-course gourmet dinner in a pitch-black dining room.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience where guests gain an appreciation of the role of all of the senses in the experience of eating. With sight removed, new levels of sensuousness can be achieved. Flavors intensify and food becomes an experience! Additionally, guests will experience the world blind people inhabit every minute, every day.

Tickets are $65 per person or $120 for a couple. Guaranteed Tables start at $600 for 8.

More information to follow! For sponsorship and tickets contact Kahlin Kelly  at or 386.253.8879

Still not convinced? Don't be a scaredy cat!! Here is some more information!


Q: Is it really a pitch black dining room?
A: Yes it is! Most of us aren't used to a completely dark environment. Guests will be asked to put away all potential sources of light like watches, cell phones or cameras. Only those who are completely blind have experienced this level of darkness.

Q: How can we eat in complete darkness? Are there many spills?
A: Once deprived of the sense of sight, we tend to rely more on our other senses- hearing, touch, smell and taste. Thus, your other senses will help you to eat and reach your table in the dark room, and we recommend "washable" clothing as there may be a few spills. The Sheriff's Officers will have sight via night-vision goggles and will aid guests' welfare. Even though at the beginining it can be daunting, after a few minutes people start to relax and the environment becomes enjoyable.

Q: How do we get the attention of one of the Sheriff's Officers?
A: Simply raising your hand in the air, while remaining in your seat, will be attention enough to get assistance.

Q: Are the bathrooms in the dark?
A: No, the restrooms are fully lit.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's Blueberry Popsicle Month!

September brings Fall, but not before we take time to celebrate Blueberry Popsicle month! I especially like using Sparkling ICE because it takes the guilt out of this late summer treat.Celebrate with family and friends by making homemade popsicles with this delicious and healthy recipe, featuring Pomegranate Blueberry Sparkling ICE. These popsicles make the perfect low calorie snack or even dessert.

Sparkling ICE ( is a naturally flavored sparkling water that is zero calories, gluten-free, and slightly carbonated. An excellent soda alternative, Sparkling ICE contains B-Vitamins and Vitamin D, along with a caffeine-free Green Tea Extract, which contains healthy antioxidants.

You can find Sparkling ICE in stores or online here

Ice Cube Tray (or your favorite ice pop making molds)
Toothpicks or Popsicle sticks
I bottle Pomegranate Blueberry Sparkling ICE
1 container of fresh blueberries, chopped

1)      Fill your trays or molds with Sparkling ICE, topping each with a scoop of chopped blueberries.
2)      If using ice cube trays cover tray tightly with tin foil.
3)      Poke a Popsicle stick through the foil into each cube.
4)      If using an ice pop maker place the handle sticks into the molds.
5)      Place in the freezer for about 2 hours or until frozen.
6)      Enjoy!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Phillip Lim 3.1 for Target

Sometimes I complain about living in Daytona. Today is one of those days. Well, actually last Sunday was one of those days but I have been a little busy to mention this. MY TARGET DID NOT GET ANY PHILLIP LIM IN!!!!!!!! That is borderline terrifying! Always, I go on the minute I get up on Sunday to buy what I think will not be in stores that I like. Thank God, I grabbed a couple of things, but I made the grave mistake of not grabbing any bags because I was sure that there would be something in the store I could see in person to buy. I have to fully handle it.

I received my package yesterday and wanted to share. I am OBSESSED with this dress! I think I am gonna wear it a whole bunch this Fall!

I am also adding this necklace to wear with the gray dress. I love it, and as a Stella and Dot Stylist, it can be yours too! 

This dress is amazing as well, and it is a zip up! How cool! It was a little tight around my chest area, so I would maybe try a size up.

By the time I realized Daytona had failed me, I went back on to try to grab a bag to no avail. However, Ebay is a great outlet to grab some of these items. Use caution, there are people that are out to gauge you but there are also people like me that would rather see someone deserving get the stuff that didn't work out for them. LOOK what I got!!!

So, alls well that ends well. If you ordered online, like I did...I am curious to see what you came away with!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Birthday Breakfast

My husband turned 40 this week and I was trying to find ways to make his day special. Sadly, it was Thursday so there wasn't a lot of bells and whistles I could pull off in the morning but I wanted to make him a nice breakfast to send him on his way.

I made him his favorite hashbrown casserole, which you can find the recipe here...I swear it tastes exactly like Cracker Barrel. We almost lick the plate every time I made it. I hadn't had played on Vine for a while and thought it would be a fun process to show off my mad cooking skills! If you want to follow me on Vine, I'm at @littleblogdress!

One thing my husband has to have with breakfast, I decided to step it up and get him some cereal milk...Cow Wow Cereal Milk is awesome, it comes in two flavors and it tastes just like the awesome milk.  

They come in cute 8.5 ounce cartons of cerealiciousness and are and 100% organic, naturally flavored, lowfat. Additionally, Cow Wow Cereal Milk has only 6 grams of added sugar, 9 essential vitamins and nutrients, 12g protein, 400mg potassium. There is no refrigeration required, one-year shelf life, UHT pasteurizedgluten-free, kosher, non-GMO. Cow Wow has 2 different flavors at the moment and many more are said to be coming out soon. Unless you live in California, you will have to order them online by clicking here

Cow Wow Facebook
Cow Wow Twitter 

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Friday, September 20, 2013

What Blog? Feelings of Overwhelm

I try not to be as vulgar on here as in my real life but where the cussword is the time going! It is cussword mid September!!! 

I am completely overwhelmed this week, there is not one area in my world that I have a complete grasp on. Not my job, not my house, not my car...everything is messy messy! This makes me nauseous. I know these are white girl problems as I have no children, no time clock to punch and I am just being silly complaining but I am unsettled. I don't even think that this weekend I am gonna have a chance to catch up. Its for a GREAT reason because I will be attending FLBlogCon, the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference. this weekend! I am VERY excited! I get to meet FLORIDA BASED bloggers. 

While my friend Megan has made a nice network with her Tampa bloggers, that is not a possibility in lil ole Daytona Beach! So, to get some great education on making my blog and my business better and to meet like minded people makes me really really happy! I can't wait to tell you all who I met and what I learned. More info on this conference is here

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Football Snacks with Harvest Snaps

Last week, there was a Mayweather boxing match. Allegedly, this is a big deal and even more importantly-all of the sudden our home was the last minute host of this event. I wanted to come up with some quick and easy snacks that were healthy. I have blogged about the Green Garden Goodness but thought it deserved a repost! 
Green Garden Goodness Dip

1 c whipped cream cheese
1 c sour cream
1 package of Hidden Valley Garden Green Onion Dip Mix
4 cloves garlic
1 green onion, green and white
one cucumber, chopped
1 package of dill
salt and pepper

Combine the sour cream and cream cheese with the Ranch Dip Mix. In a food processor, mix dill, garlic, green onion into a nice paste and add to your mixture. Season generously with salt and pepper. I made the mistake of adding a cucumber to the food processor mixture which made it a little watery but I think if you chopped up the cucumber and added it at the very very very end, you should be ok... 

I was asked by the folks at Harvest Snaps to try their yummy chips. They come in a bunch of different varieties and having that many people in my house gave me a chance to introduce it to the masses! They loved them, and didn't even realize they were eating so so good!  

Move over, potato chips, there is a new superhero snack in town! Everyone loves snacks, but finding good-for-you options always seemed like a nearly-impossible task. You always had to sacrifice something; whether it was taste or health benefits. Now you can indulge in guilt-free snacking! 

Introducing Harvest Snaps, a healthier snack option!

Formerly known as Snapea Crisps, Harvest Snaps is launching new flavors under the Snapea and Lentil varieties that will appeal to all snack fans. Super crunchy and full of flavor, Harvest Snaps’ Snapea Crisps are made from naturally dried peas, which make up 70% of the product, while Lentil Snaps are made from 65% Lentils and contain 5g of protein and 13% of your daily fiber.

Harvest Snaps will undoubtedly impress your taste buds. Snapea Crisps are available in four different varieties: Lightly Salted, Caesar, Black Pepper and Wasabi Ranch. Lentil Snaps’ Tomato Basil and Onion Thyme flavors will surely satisfy the most demanding gourmands. Unlike many other snacks on the market, Harvest Snaps are baked, not fried. They are also lower in fat and sodium than traditional snacks.

Irresistibly crunchy, Harvest Snaps will appeal to snackers of all ages. This is something you would want to keep in your office desk or purse for a mid-day snack. Snapea Crisps are perfect for a delicious crunchy salad topping. They also make an ideal addition to lunch boxes and after school snacks. 

You can check out the different kinds of Harvest Snaps by clicking here, trust me you will feel less guilty than salty, greasy potato chips! 

Harvest Snaps on Facebook
Harvest Snaps on Twitter
Harvest Snaps on Instagram

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Beat the Last of Summer Heat with Bohemia Apple Lime Cider

I think that it is really cute that some of you are talking about the beginning of Fall temps. I sadly won't see this until another month or so.

I also am getting tired of drinking beer or, I don't need my pulse checked...I just want to shake it up a little.

It seems that cider is the new beer or at least coming back and gaining popularity.

Hard cider was the beverage of choice during colonial times in America. In late 19th Century, Eastern European immigrants brought with them a taste for beer, and with the years it took over the market.

Now that the hard cider is making a comeback some people think that it will become the new “craft beer”.  Meanwhile, why not mixing the taste of beer and cider to bring the best of both worlds?

So I suggest Bohemia Apple Lime Cider which incorporates Mexican Bohemia beer with unfiltered apple cider. This cocktail has a light, tart, and refreshing taste perfect for hot summer days. This is good if you are like me and don't like sweet sweet drinks. Check them out on Facebook here.

Bohemia Apple Lime Cider

Makes 2 drinks


·         1 tablespoon each: coarse salt, sugar

·         1 cup fresh, unfiltered apple cider

·         2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

·         1 bottle (12 ounces) Bohemia

·         Fresh lime wedges


1.       Mix salt and sugar on a small plate. Use a lime wedge to moisten the rim of two beer glass. Dip the rims into the salt mixture.

2.       Mix cider and lime juice in small pitcher. Divide among 2 beer glasses. Top with Bohemia. Serve with a lime wedge.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Get Some Sleep, Girl

I  hate when someone comes up to you and says Wow, you look tired. Basically what they are saying is Boy, you look like sh*t! In my adult life, I am not the best of sleepers. I have tried it all, but not much works for me. Getting to sleep is never a problem, its staying asleep is what I struggle with.

I sleep every night from like 10p-2a. Like clockwork, prob because I sleep next to a chainsaw....I get up at 2a...come to the couch restart Kathie Lee and Hoda and usually I fall right back to sleep till a whopping 5:30am. Sometimes, and more often the last couple of weeks, that fall back asleep hasn't been happening. So, I have been looking for ways for the Sandman to Bring Me A Dream.

Utter Mind Dump before Bedtime
One thing that is really important for me is to get all the things I have to do the next day out of my head and either on paper or just really inline. I really liked this article and checklist. Get it out of your head on paper!

Get your Yoga on
Yoga is a wonderful way to relax. I hate that I am a bad girl and don't make enough time for it. Check out this Huffington Post article on Yoga for Sleep.

Tea for Two, Tea for You
Some studies, just preliminary, do show that chamomile could have anti-anxiety effects, A warm cup of chamomile tea will relax you off to a blissful slumber. Chamomile is onne of the most popular herbal teas today and has been traditionally used for calming and relaxation. My new favorite is Alvita.Alvita is dedicated to choosing only the highest-quality organic, wild-crafted or cultivated botanicals.

Here are some other flavors:

Red Clover – With a long history of use in Europe and North America, naturally occurring isoflavones in red clover make it particularly popular with women.

Passionflower – Used for more than 200 years by Native Americans, Passionflower is traditionally used for easing occasional nervous tension and supporting restful sleep.

Ginger-Peppermint – The rhizome of the ginger plant has been used for centuries in the East for its digestion-supporting properties. Peppermint leaves are also popular in many countries and are brewed as a tea to support digestion. Alvita has combined these well-known and flavorful digestive herbs to help soothe an unsettled stomach.

Green Tea – green tea has numerous beneficial properties and is often consumed to promote energy and general well-being.

Decaffeinated Green Tea – made with premium-quality, organic green tea leaves that have been gently decaffeinated, and exudes an earthy and mildly astringent flavor and aroma.

Raspberry – Native to North America, Raspberry leaves are highly valued because of their unique astringent properties. The tea remains popular among midwives and herbalists today.

With the rising popularity of herbal teas, consumers more than ever are looking for quality tea brands that deliver taste and health benefits. With a 90-year history of making single herb teas that deliver premium flavor and herbal benefits, Alvita is a brand that consumers can trust. All Alvita teas are third party certified organic, gluten-free and kosher.

Each Alvita tea is labeled with individualized preparation instructions to ensure that the most appropriate servings are used, delivering premium flavor and herbal benefits. Alvita understands that herbs are gifts from the earth and takes this stewardship seriously by offering carefully harvested teas in earth-friendly packaging. Hand-illustrations adorn boxes made using 100% recycled paperboard, and the English pillow-style teas bags are oxygen-bleached, not chlorine-treated.

Find out where to buy Alvita teas, the oldest single-herb tea brand in the United States, by visiting here and on their Facebook here.

What are your tricks for getting (or staying) asleep??

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Social

In Florida, I am sad to report, there is no Fall. Well, maybe there is like three days of it, then it goes smack dab into winter. I complain about this only because I really like the fall weather. The no hot, no cold is really attractive to me. 

Happy Sunday Social! This week's questions! 

1. What is your favorite fall activity?

I just like to do things that are outside enjoying the cooler weather! After six months of intense heat, its a nice change. I am also looking forward to running more in this weather too.

2. Do you follow a football team?

Yes! In Florida, college football is huge and I am a very proud fan of the Florida State Seminoles. We have an awesome new quarterback-Jameis Winston and it is gonna be a great year!

3. What is something fun about fall in your area?

A couple of things I look forward to this Fall is the Lighthouse Loop 5K, Prince of Peace Octoberfest and my sister in law's annual Halloween party. She starts planning in like August and its always a great time. This year's theme is Haunted Carnival and I am gonna channel some Steampunk, Lucent Dossier and a touch of Reese Witherspoon, Water for Elephants and come up with a costume. I even started a Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration.

4. What are your favorite fall staple outfits?

I always look for comfort and versatility in the fall. Especially in Florida, when it really isn't that cold out, you have to do layers.

Wishing for Fall

5. What things are you looking forward to most about this coming fall season?
I would lie if I am not completely all about the Pumpkin Coffee! I actually love everything pumpkin, spiced and harvesty! Yes, I think that is a word! I also love things as simple as the Glade candle line. Fall is also a time to get your soup cooking on!

6. What is your favorite fall holiday? Tradition?
Hands down, Thanksgiving. Favorite Holiday ever. We have great traditions, including front and center for the Macy Christmas Parade. Champagne is popped at 8am and the party starts. I am also in charge of the stuffing which is a big accomplishment to pull off homemade.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NYC and Bethenny. Its All Happening.

Now, that I am back from ATL-I have full focus on my next adventure. 

After a very long weekend with my mother in law not feeling her best, two weeks ago I received an email from Bethenny's PR with a video from Bethenny asking us to continue the Calling All Your Girls Party with her. 

My favorite city in the planet. 
To be around someone I respect a whole ton.
As her special guest.

I will let Megan and her awesome words tell you the story here because I am still in a state of disbelief, and now I have to go pack! 

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