Oh Hi There!

Good lord! It's been a week! But what a week it has been! I turned 40! And I only cried once..good reason, I always miss my dad terribly during my birthday...no reason really but I get a little weepy.

Thanks to social media, I was thought of by many many many! Almost every single person that matters to me reached out in some way to send me a well wish! A few select didn't, but I guess that's on them. 

My friend Knuckles said oh you are one of those girls who celebrates for a week...well, kind of..why the hell not? Ill tell you why the hell not ( that is a snl reference, one of the best skits ever with Garth Brooks). I've always had this birthday mantra-No matter what age you are, if you can't celebrate yourself, what kind of girl are you? 

I'm writing you in the car on the way to the airport! My husband and I are going to nyc for the rest of the week. I can't wait for some serious downtime. We are gonna do this and that and live in an apartment in the West Village that I rented from AirBNB. I'm so stoked! I think I am gonna visit my Instagram/ Twitter friends from Flour NYC...what would you do in the city? Always looking for ideas! 

Some prayers for us would be appreciated... We did IUI #2 a week ago..wouldn't that be the greatest gift of all? 

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