Taking Movember to a Whole New Level

I saw this picture the other day and had to laugh-

I am really enjoying the Movember movement, even tho I am grateful my husband hasn't embraced it-its exciting to watch people on the Today Show grown in some beardage and the movement is really catching on. Even the NASCAR industry is getting hairy with it (I can't believe I just wrote that). My friend had an engineer on his race team that is raising funds online for the cause-Check him out here.

Can we just say Thank God this is a boys only promotion? Although winter gives us a little relief with our hair removal habits...I said a little...a no shave movement is a no no-BUT if you have great products from Completely Bare, you can give your razor a break with some great results.  

Unless you live in Daytona and go to Donna at Skinn-you don't have the pleasure of a nearly pain free experience. I am not saying that it is my favorite time but her methods are in drast comparison to the first time I did the deed...her name was Vera and she was Russian and yelled at me when I yelped. I wish I was kidding.

So even though Donna has to drag me in a little for my appointments, I found with some ibuprofen and a line of products that I am obsessed with (Completely Bare) makes the experience a little less oh my god, someone kill me.

The holidays are approaching and it is important to keep your body looking it’s best for all the fabulous upcoming parties! This includes getting rid of those unwanted hairs!  Completely Bare has the best hair removal products to get rid of hair painlessly in some of those difficult areas.  Apply the numbing and cooling spray pre and post hair removal to cool,  soothe and numb your skin. This is a lifesaver, trust me!

If modesty prevents you from seeing a professional try Ready set wax with the hypoallergenic wax strips for face, bikini and body is awesome. They are easy to use and custom shaped for all body parts.

All completely bare products are available at CVS and target nationwide

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