Sunday Social

Sunday Social time and the theme is Thanksgiving! My absolute FAVORITE holiday! LOVE LOVE LOVE so so so many things about this time. For one, the food that is served at Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite and all the traditions and the things that my family does every year makes it a perfect day.

When I was a going out queen, the night before Thanksgiving was always a really fun time. I have memories galore from each year. Now, I rather wake up at the crack of dawn, check on my cooking and crack open that champagne-there is a parade to watch! Don't judge its Thanksgiving!

This Weeks Questions:
Favorite Thanksgiving Memory: Oh how does one pick just pick A memory! I have so many! The going out the night before has always led to some stories to tell for a lifetime. One year, I woke up at 4a on Thanksgiving Day in a houseful of friends and thought it would really nice if I gave everyone some water and Tylenol-Florence Nightingale style. Turns out it was Tylenol PM. Yup, I was cursed up and down that day but now we can laugh about it.  
Favorite Thanksgiving Food: For the past five or so years I have been in charge of our family recipe stuffing. Its completely from scratch and there is a labor of love involved but it is worth it. Also even I am the only person in my family that eats it-pearl onions please
What is a Thanksgiving Tradition you and your family have? Family meaning me and the kitties is to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. It is hard to believe I have never been! Every year I cry when the Rockettes perform, I have no idea why! Last year was special because I had the chance to perform with them in rehearsal that fall. Last year my girlfriend Kym who shares my passion for the parade came over and we had a mini pajama party! I hope she will come over again! I also watch the musical parts with complete concentration...I am so obsessed.
Show us a favorite Thanksgiving picture(or 5) from years past:
So this is me making said stuffing. Yes my hands are surgical clean but it is the only way to mix all this awesomeness properly! 
This is the year that was full of laughs and fun in my sister's new house. My jacket I had just received from raising over $2500 in our local American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Walk.
What are you most looking forward to about this Thanksgiving? Oh! How much time do you have!?
My first Thanksgiving as a married lady! 
My last Thanksgiving (and week as it is) in my 30's!
I hope we will have good news to share! 
In two days from Thanksgiving, we go to Gainesville to watch FSU and Florida, the biggest rivalry of the season, this one more important as the Seminoles make their way to the BCS bowl. I hope!! 
And in two days from that I will be 40, in three days-we will be in NYC! How awesome and exciting! 

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  1. The stuffing sounds amazing!!!!! Wish you could send that stuff in the mail! :)
    Thanks for visiting!

  2. Stuffing from scratch is the best! (: