Soy Protein For Your Run #Giveaway

I'm going to admit something to you, I have lost my love for whole milk. It makes me feel like a bad child but I just don't like it. I am however addicted to soy milk and soy products. They taste so much better and are so good for you.

Some facts about soy protein:

•       Soy protein is a high‐quality, plant‐based protein derived from soybeans
•       Soy protein preserves lean body mass, promotes fat loss, and boosts satiety during weight loss
•       A blend of proteins – soy, whey and casein, prolongs muscle building after exercise and increases recovery compared to whey alone
•       Soy protein promotes muscle growth and development
•       Soy protein is equivalent to whey protein for building muscle when consumed as part of a resistance training program
•       Soy protein has the ability to displace fat and sugar calories

In my opinion, soy protein is easy on my stomach and really makes a difference when I am running. I usually don't eat a meal before my run and don't want to feel full with a protein shake but I have discovered a great bar to grab before I go. Eat-Smart Bars, Nogii Protein Bars and NOW Energy Bars are a couple of choices that help make sure I am  getting the nutrients I need before or after a long workout with a key ingredient for success: soy protein. These bars taste delicious and have made a difference in my energy levels to get through a long (or short) run.

Whether I am going for a run or doing yoga, a smart fitness routine incorporates protein to aide in muscle building and recovery. Yes, stretching is important but nurturing your insides with soy protein is a must!
Also, Soy protein is a high-quality, plant-based protein which promotes muscle growth and development and can help preserve lean body mass during weight loss.

Christmas is coming early! I have a giveaway! I was sent a killer package with these bars plus a traveling exercise kit and I have one to give away!

-Eat-Smart Bar
-Nogii Nutrition Bar
-Now Energy Bar
-“Powered by Soy Protein” Traveler Exercise Kit (its got a jump rope, a pedometer and more!)

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The products, information and two gift packs have been provided by DuPont Nutrition and Health

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