Who Is This Runner?

A full disclosure I used to hate Halloween...I still don't get exactly into it as much as I would like to but being friends with Megan who lives and breathes Halloween and having a sister in law who holds a 70 person + party every year, its hard to not get up in the excitement. I mean, it is actually hard but I am getting better because it is fun to dress up. 

This year, my sister in law was going over with me which date I thought would be better and like a dummy head I told her the 26th. WHY, I will never know. There is a breast cancer walk that morning, Florida State will get its redemption on those assholes at NC State (not to mention Bobby Bowden is coming back). There is an annual kickball game that day too. Way to Go. 

Here is the kicker. I signed up for a race the very next day!!! ARGH! That means that when my friends and family are slugging back the candy corn jello shots, I will be drinking water...ok maybe drinking a little but fully not enjoying myself. Boo. But I really want to do this race. 

Even though they ignored my request to help promote the race (welcome to Daytona Beach peeps, noone gets it!) I will tell you that it may or not be called Lighthouse Loop in Ponce Inlet. I am really looking forward to this race, because it will be a beautiful morning and its on the beachside. 

Now, last year I came down with the vomit village stomach flu a week before the party so I didn't drink that night either...but I think this year will be harder to have willpower. Not to mention the silver lining of having a skinnier stomach as Catwoman didn't exactly suck. 

If you would have told me three years ago that I would sacrifice the party of the year for a end of the race feeling, I would not have believed you. But I am, and it will be worth it. 

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  1. It's def. a weird thing to get accustom to, cutting back the partying to gear up for the race. I will be there cheering all of you on!

  2. Yeahhh it's definitely not the best idea to party before a race! Too bad! I'm sure you'll still have fun getting to dress up and hang out with your friends though! And halloween races are supposed to be fun. Do you think you'll dress up for it?

  3. I've had to limit the fun the night before a race- it's definitely worth it, though! I can't imagine running a race after a long night of drinking. Good luck!

  4. Apparently research has shown that women run better if they have had a couple of beers the night before whereas men run slower. I have experimented with this and I have to say that I have done well in races if I have had two beers the night before. No more than that though; that experiment did not end well- bleurgh :( Jello shots might be a bit much though- perhaps it would be best to stay away from them!

  5. Last time I ran a half, I had two beers earlier on in the evening (6:30/7 and finished by 8) and PRed by 10 minutes! Funny thing!

    I'm also running the Lighthouse Loop race :) Hope it goes well for you!