Thursday Thoughts

Hope everyone is having a great week! I have been working hard on getting organized with work and life lately. I have been making a bunch of headway, its been very cleansing. I like when I get in this mode, very focussed on making my life work better. I would like to inform you that I just wrote more better, but erased it.

Maybe its the change of weather or the changes we have been making to our future (news on that soon!) but it has been a great week.

A couple of things moved me this week and I posted them to Facebook in hopes it would inspire others.

I swear I have said "We'll figure it out" more times than I could ever count. It really is a good mantra because it means, lets not freak out or bring the drama...lets just put our heads together and figure it out.

This is a beautiful saying and it goes along with the week I have. I wish I could read this every day. 

There is a girl I have never heard before, her name is Hannah Brencher and I came across this article about 25 things women should know. There seems to be a resurgence of 25 things for this or that, so I didn't think I would be so blown away. I am looking forward to reading more things from Hannah and probably beat myself a little for just now getting on her train. Please take five seconds and click on the link and learn.

I recently made a new Twitter friend in Melanie, from What The Rep Should Do. She and I share an admiration for Bethenny and she headed me up to a ridiculous Omarosa interview....she wrote a great blog about it here. Check it out! 

Here's for a great weekend!! 

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