Running Monkey Brain...Engage!

I took a run this week, and realized that although I depend on running to stay in shape, the mind clearing is really hard to overlook. I think a lot about a lot when I am trekking. Of course, I don't go too far each time, but I thought I would share exactly what was on my brain this last run, minute by minute. It made me laugh how all over the place I am.

1:00-I am really liking my new Asics

2:00-Why didn't I stretch more?

3:00-Thank God Its not Africa hot

4:00-God, I love this song

5:00-I wonder if I will be able to run when I get pregnant

6:00-Cussword, I forgot to do something for work

7:00-What are you looking at?

8:00- Damn, I can't believe that my water strap broke

9:00 -I am smart, I am skinny, I am beautiful-(lame mantra)

10:00-How am I ever gonna run in the winter?

11:00-Seriously, do you not see me running? Why are you playing chicken with me! I now have to stop so you and your friend can walk by?? That makes a ton of sense.

12:00-I need to blog about playing chicken with stupid walkers

13:00-Why didn't I eat something?

14:00-I wonder what I am gonna wear tonight?

15:00-I wonder if the hens have been keeping up with their running..where does one actually run in Kansas?

16:00-Should I run that 5K in October?

17:00-Or The One in January?

18:00-I'd run every day if I could look like that girl

19:00-When it gets colder, I am still gonna run.

20:00- Why is my best friend calling, she knows I am running!

21:00- Why can't I run faster?

22:00-Why are you beating yourself up, you are better than on the couch!

23:00-I am sure lucky to live somewhere so beautiful, I love this river.

24:00-God, I hate this song

25:00-I am sure Miley will royally ruin SNL this week...

26:00-I think I will be 80 and still love to run to Blurred Lines

27:00-Look at that, you just ran/walked two miles and its not even 7:30am!!

So, that is a scary peek into my Monkey brain...what says yours?

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  1. Hahahaa! I love this!
    I go through tons of random thoughts while running. It's so funny how our brains can go crazy when we have all of that alone time but when we're done we are on our high and nothing feels better. It's a strange drug :)
    I like, "what are you looking at?" I find myself thinking, "wow, I said 'good morning' to you...are you to good to say 'hi'!?" to the runners passing by :)

  2. Hahah this sums it up perfectly! My brain is all over the place when I run too!

  3. This is funny. I don't think I've ever got to the mind clearing stage. My brain always just prattles on and usually about the most boring things :)

  4. Oh wow.. great post!
    It is amazing the things that go through our head during runs and even more so races!
    I find I do think about things more clearly on a basic easy run, but have this mental gymnastics with myself on the really tough runs…
    Saying all sorts of things to convince myself to keep going : )
    It is kind of funny but when I get really deep into an ultra, I usually sort of go zombie and don’t think too much at all.

    I have a feeling that I will be like that during the night at my first 24 Hour this December!

    Fun post to read!