Running Monkey Brain...Engage!

I took a run this week, and realized that although I depend on running to stay in shape, the mind clearing is really hard to overlook. I think a lot about a lot when I am trekking. Of course, I don't go too far each time, but I thought I would share exactly what was on my brain this last run, minute by minute. It made me laugh how all over the place I am.

1:00-I am really liking my new Asics

2:00-Why didn't I stretch more?

3:00-Thank God Its not Africa hot

4:00-God, I love this song

5:00-I wonder if I will be able to run when I get pregnant

6:00-Cussword, I forgot to do something for work

7:00-What are you looking at?

8:00- Damn, I can't believe that my water strap broke

9:00 -I am smart, I am skinny, I am beautiful-(lame mantra)

10:00-How am I ever gonna run in the winter?

11:00-Seriously, do you not see me running? Why are you playing chicken with me! I now have to stop so you and your friend can walk by?? That makes a ton of sense.

12:00-I need to blog about playing chicken with stupid walkers

13:00-Why didn't I eat something?

14:00-I wonder what I am gonna wear tonight?

15:00-I wonder if the hens have been keeping up with their running..where does one actually run in Kansas?

16:00-Should I run that 5K in October?

17:00-Or The One in January?

18:00-I'd run every day if I could look like that girl

19:00-When it gets colder, I am still gonna run.

20:00- Why is my best friend calling, she knows I am running!

21:00- Why can't I run faster?

22:00-Why are you beating yourself up, you are better than on the couch!

23:00-I am sure lucky to live somewhere so beautiful, I love this river.

24:00-God, I hate this song

25:00-I am sure Miley will royally ruin SNL this week...

26:00-I think I will be 80 and still love to run to Blurred Lines

27:00-Look at that, you just ran/walked two miles and its not even 7:30am!!

So, that is a scary peek into my Monkey brain...what says yours?

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