Guest Blog: A Divine Duo: Denim and Leather

Hi Guys! I am crazy busy today and wanted to introduce you to Lissa Cole, who was nice enough to blog for me! 

Lissa Cole is a fashion major who loves to mix and match trends. When not shopping indoors, she enjoys outdoor activities such as mountain biking, running, and canoeing. 

Some of the fashion world’s most successful trends have come from great pairings. But not just any pairing can withstand the chaotic, ever-changing styles of the ages. Representing a harmonious balance between rustic and chic, the classic combination of leather and denim is one of the few unions, which continues to endure fashion through each decade. 

The new face of denim’s love affair with leather is taking on the trendy role of luxurious, urban cowboy. The contrast between soft, supple leather and distressed denim is bold, versatile and a little bit dangerous. Everyone can afford to incorporate the dynamic duo into their wardrobe with Kohls coupons, seasonal department sales and online promotional codes. 

Here are just a few of the ways to rock this classic combo:


A more feminine way to wear denim and leather is the popular denim dress accessorized with a finely braided, leather belt trend that can be found in stores all over the world. It is also one of the most affordable looks, since denim is much more economical than true leather goods. 


The traditional combination, made famous by bikers mostly, is the infamous leather jacket with distressed jeans or denim shorts look. Mix in a catchy t-shirt and some statement shoes, and you’ve got a staple look to last you a lifetime. Even though leather jackets can be a bit pricey, their longevity makes them worth every penny. 


Many think of vests as being overly proper, but a denim vest paired with leather pants is anything, but prim. It’s daring and original. Only those with a strong sense of individuality and creativity in their style will likely go for this look. Try leather or imitation leather leggings as an affordable alternative to leather pants. 


One of the sexiest leather and denim combos at the moment is the flirty, leather skirt matched with an 80’s style, jean jacket. It’s a fun way to take the edge off of a, traditionally, hardcore look. Leather skirts are now available as mini, pencil, pleated and more! 

Button Up Shirts-

The last look of the day is perfect for slimming any waistline. Nothing creates a clean profile more than a tightly fitted, denim button up tucked in with a wide, leather belt. It’s cute. It’s casual. It’s an easy look to transcend day or night. 

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