A Girl Looks At 40

Today is 40 days before I turn 40!!!!!

Its been a great and exciting year. In some ways, I made the last year of my 30's really count! I got married! My business grew! I traveled! I spoke and traveled! We are trying to have a baby!

Thirty was a little hard to turn, I was broke, throwing myself at some loser who "didn't want a girlfriend" but I was good enough for everything else and my life was very stagnant.

I was very thankful for the start of my 30's and I always say scream this to whoever will listen.

I don't feel that way about ending the journey of being 30. I mean they were long and tumultuous at times, but in some ways there were also a ton of times in this last decade that I laughed so hard I cried and I will treasure those moments forever. I met some of the most amazing people and I really feel that I came into who I really am, what I believe in forever more and what it feels like to truly have your shit together. 

For my 40th birthday, I am going to live as close to my dreams as possible and spend almost a week in NYC, in the West Village and live like a NYer. I am going with just my husband and I. After the last couple of months and the next couple of weeks..I know we will welcome the break.  

Bring on the 40 days!! 

I'm looking forward to the Lighthouse Loops 5K this weekend!!

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