What Blog? Feelings of Overwhelm

I try not to be as vulgar on here as in my real life but where the cussword is the time going! It is cussword mid September!!! 

I am completely overwhelmed this week, there is not one area in my world that I have a complete grasp on. Not my job, not my house, not my car...everything is messy messy! This makes me nauseous. I know these are white girl problems as I have no children, no time clock to punch and I am just being silly complaining but I am unsettled. I don't even think that this weekend I am gonna have a chance to catch up. Its for a GREAT reason because I will be attending FLBlogCon, the Florida Blogger & Social Media Conference. this weekend! I am VERY excited! I get to meet FLORIDA BASED bloggers. 

While my friend Megan has made a nice network with her Tampa bloggers, that is not a possibility in lil ole Daytona Beach! So, to get some great education on making my blog and my business better and to meet like minded people makes me really really happy! I can't wait to tell you all who I met and what I learned. More info on this conference is here

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  1. I live in Fl too and wanted to go but I don't have the money. I live down in Palm Bay/Melbourne area. I am Cody and it's nice to met you.

    Did you attend the event? Did you have fun? I wannna know!

  2. Hi Cody! I ended up going and was really happy! I learned a couple of new things, it was great! Nice to meet you!