Halloween Pumpkin Crafting and Sunday Social

Happy almost October! Last night, I was invited to a Pumpkin crafting party and I am not gonna lie, it was a great excuse to go through all my crafting supplies. I really have to start getting this obsessive craft buying under control. My closet looks like a Hazmat Hobby Lobby.

It was nice to meet some new girls, and get our craft on. After spending more time than I would admit looking on Pinterest, I came up with a game plan for not one, but three pumpkins. I only finished one, but I will do the other ones today. I promise. I am also so thankful for my friend Ashley who is a Bow-DAZZLER.

The results were amazing! I decided to get my modge podge on, and tear strips of two different kinds of damask scrapbook paper (shocker) and modge podge to pumpkin. One of the girls did a straight up masking tape one, I think I might borrow!

This was hosted by Scarlett who I have the pleasure of knowing most of her cute life. Her cousin has been my best friend for 30 years. If that is not exciting enough, our husbands are related-ish. But sadly, if I thought about it hard enough-that would make me her kind of sort of new step aunt and that is just silly...Anyway, more importantly she will be blogging soon and I am excited for her.

It's Sunday Social time!!

This Weeks Questions:

1. What is your dream job? I am knee deep in it! This week, I celebrate my third year in business. It is something I am really proud of! I also love any opportunity to write write write.

2. If you had just won the lottery and didn’t need to work for money, what would you do with your time? I would start a charity! I would also a LOT more writing...I sense a theme today.

3. What piece of career advice would you give to someone just starting out in your field? Remember, it is you that has the great gift of saying who, when and how much! Oh, and get a mantra-stat!

4. What would be your ideal “just for fun” job? Owning a yoga studio upstairs with a cupcake shop downstairs. I am not kidding.

5. What was your first “real” job? I was a Junior Department Fashion Buyer for Belks....at 16 lol.

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