Football Snacks with Harvest Snaps

Last week, there was a Mayweather boxing match. Allegedly, this is a big deal and even more importantly-all of the sudden our home was the last minute host of this event. I wanted to come up with some quick and easy snacks that were healthy. I have blogged about the Green Garden Goodness but thought it deserved a repost! 
Green Garden Goodness Dip

1 c whipped cream cheese
1 c sour cream
1 package of Hidden Valley Garden Green Onion Dip Mix
4 cloves garlic
1 green onion, green and white
one cucumber, chopped
1 package of dill
salt and pepper

Combine the sour cream and cream cheese with the Ranch Dip Mix. In a food processor, mix dill, garlic, green onion into a nice paste and add to your mixture. Season generously with salt and pepper. I made the mistake of adding a cucumber to the food processor mixture which made it a little watery but I think if you chopped up the cucumber and added it at the very very very end, you should be ok... 

I was asked by the folks at Harvest Snaps to try their yummy chips. They come in a bunch of different varieties and having that many people in my house gave me a chance to introduce it to the masses! They loved them, and didn't even realize they were eating so so good!  

Move over, potato chips, there is a new superhero snack in town! Everyone loves snacks, but finding good-for-you options always seemed like a nearly-impossible task. You always had to sacrifice something; whether it was taste or health benefits. Now you can indulge in guilt-free snacking! 

Introducing Harvest Snaps, a healthier snack option!

Formerly known as Snapea Crisps, Harvest Snaps is launching new flavors under the Snapea and Lentil varieties that will appeal to all snack fans. Super crunchy and full of flavor, Harvest Snaps’ Snapea Crisps are made from naturally dried peas, which make up 70% of the product, while Lentil Snaps are made from 65% Lentils and contain 5g of protein and 13% of your daily fiber.

Harvest Snaps will undoubtedly impress your taste buds. Snapea Crisps are available in four different varieties: Lightly Salted, Caesar, Black Pepper and Wasabi Ranch. Lentil Snaps’ Tomato Basil and Onion Thyme flavors will surely satisfy the most demanding gourmands. Unlike many other snacks on the market, Harvest Snaps are baked, not fried. They are also lower in fat and sodium than traditional snacks.

Irresistibly crunchy, Harvest Snaps will appeal to snackers of all ages. This is something you would want to keep in your office desk or purse for a mid-day snack. Snapea Crisps are perfect for a delicious crunchy salad topping. They also make an ideal addition to lunch boxes and after school snacks. 

You can check out the different kinds of Harvest Snaps by clicking here, trust me you will feel less guilty than salty, greasy potato chips! 

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