Today I Skipped

I rely on my Map My Run app to run more than I ever knew. Today, I couldn't figure out what happened it had a different screen, but most importantly as a Galloway runner, it wasn't telling me when to stop or go. It was throwing everything off, only to blame that it was really early...and finally, I figured out that I am the dumbass- I forgot to switch off my spinning extravaganza off and had to put it back to run mode.

I'm so bad at math, and my inability to make myself run longer than a minute no matter what really messes with my head....then it makes me start the wave of self doubt.  I know I'm not the quickest of all that is running...and I really struggle with that..Do you know what I am talking about?

So, I am sorry Map my Run that I cursed you from here to high heaven but it actually became a really peaceful morning. I shut off the app...said a couple more cuss words and decided to take the bridge.

And I saw this.

Once I got over the self depreciation, I decided to have a good morning and I walked, skipped a second, ran down the bridge (because that makes me feel real fast) and even did some walking lunges.

Taking the pressure off how fast (or not so fast) my miles are really made my morning a peaceful one. I went farther, and enjoyed the outdoors. It wasn't the most caloric loss to date but it was good for the soul. 

How do you get out of the monkey brain when you run? Do I really need a Garmin, or has my May My Run app learned its lesson?! 

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