How to Change The Fitness Fail

This week, I wasn't really feeling any sort of physical activity. I am sure initially I could say that I killed myself trying to relive my ballerina days when I did my first real Fit Barre class. So when I finally regained feeling in my legs around Wednesday, it made me really lazy.

Then I started some medicine that will kick our family planning in full gear. Wanting to rip someone's throat out with your bare hands didn't quite make it to the side effects page on the prescription sheet. I know that this will be all worth it, but it really deterred my good mood. And my ambition to do anything.

That and its Africa Hot out! I mean, it will literally be 100 degrees today. Noone wants to do anything in this weather. Right?

So, instead of beating myself down and complaining...I took a little break. I made penne ala vodka and ate it three times. And today I sit on ways to make myself get motivated for the week to come.


First up, I need some songs that I can say, this is my JAM! Of course, I have been listening to Blurred Lines over and over, and the rest of the album is totally different and it is very awesome. I am just not sure I am gonna be able to run very fast to it.

In Spotify, I found a good running playlist-I like this one because its all over the place! It has Breaking Benjamin, Coldplay and then it busts out with Stevie Wonder. A train wreck of awesome.

Running Pink

New Outfit

Of course, any activity will be better with a new outfit. And it is better if it is pink. I actually need to go down and get new running shoes. I don't know about you...but this is daunting. I feel like I am cheating on my original pair. But, my feet have been hurting when I run so I think its time to take a little visit.

Sign Up

A motivation to get back in the swing of things is to sign up for some 5K's and other classes to try. I will hopefully be taking my friend Keri to one of her first yoga class. There is also the monthly 5K that will be good (its at night) I also know the Dumbo 10K will be here before I know it, must wrap my head around that as well.

Try Something New 

Because of my inability to eat very much before I run, I am always on the lookout for something quick and good for you before I head out. I was contacted this month by Jonathan, who started ZEGO with his co-founder Colleen, to try out their ZEGO bars.

These bars are delicious, and I am loving the sunflower (with a hint of caramel). They are gluten, soy and dairy free, low in sugar, vegan and high in protein. Best of all, ZEGO donates a full 20% of their profits to improve nutrition for low income children via the non-profit, "Campaign for Better Nutrition" Find them on the web and on Twitter and check out some of their new press. This is a great grassroots story! My favorite!

How about you? How do you stay motivated when you get in a funk?

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