Friday's Fancies - Around Town

TGIF August 16

This week, I joined a new linkup that allows me to go in and create an outfit and share with you! Yes, this is a hard sell for me! The theme this week This week's Friday's Fancies theme with Long Distance Loving is around town. You can tell by this outfit, that I am officially over Africa Hot Florida weather. Fall, you need to bring your A game, and bring it soon. 

Joe's Boyfriend Jeans, silver flats and an awesome red satchel would make any boring errand run bearable. I have been wearing MAC Ruby Woo ever since my wedding. For someone who only wore neutrals, the pop of color is amazing for me and I really like it! Except when it smears and I look like a street walker but we will chat about that later. 

So, I started selling Stella and Dot. This company is kind of like a crack lab for addicts. Like seriously, I can't take how awesome the jewelry is, how I have to buy and wear it to make my shows better and how fabulous everyone looks in it. I am BIG into multi bracelets this season and I have these three in both gold and silver...I wear them a lot. In fact, I covet them like children.

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