Easy Mustard Garlic Rosemary Pork Mariande

Its awfully difficult to be busy bees sometimes isn't it? My day starts at 5am and its go go go all day. Not that this is any different from anyone else...but I really like to have fabulous meals even if it is Wednesday. So, I am constantly on the lookout for easy, seamless recipes. 

The joke in our home is that I never make the same thing twice. That is not entirely true...but I like to experiment with the new..so I know this recipe is a keeper because I have made it no less than five times this year...that is good for me! 

Its an easy marinade with probably what you have in your refrigerator right now. I also shake it up a little...sometimes, I use dijon and crushed fresh garlic but today I used Trader Joe's Garlic Dijon Aioli, Crushed Garlic and Pink Salt (be careful it comes out quick) plus fresh Rosemary in my garden. 

In my opinion, the secret is the kind of olive oil you use. It makes a huge difference. For this I took advantage of Carbonell Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Much like Spanish wine, Spanish olive oil offers a distinctively different flavor that liberates meat, fish and vegetable dishes from the confines of traditional, expected taste. It's Spain’s #1 olive oil, Carbonell and its great to use for light summer recipes.

I adapted this recipe from The Communal Pantry and made it my own, but it is an easy recipe to follow. You know what is delicious with this? Scalloped Potatoes! Yum! 

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