A Traveling Runner

Greetings from Atlanta! Atlanta and I have very old stories together, some are fun, some are tumultuous, most shaped my early adulthood. I always come back here with hesitation, but I am so lucky to come visit one of my favorite people with my bestie. We have had a great time so far and this weekend, I get to see all my hens at NASCAR. Yay yay yay yay. 

I was excited to take a run in Piedmont Park, the big city and the things that big cities accomplish for its residents amaze me. I only wish 1/8 of this would trickle down to Daytona Beach. Take the park for example, at 6am there had to be a 100 runners, a yoga class, a juicing food truck and five boot camp classes. All in the same place. At 6am. On a Friday. I am sorry to be all doe eyed, but how awesome. 

Although, I wasn't crazy fast...being around the environment made me keep going and not stop. As much as I love running by myself...Running around others gives me a tiny push...you?

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! 

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