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Greetings from Atlanta! Atlanta and I have very old stories together, some are fun, some are tumultuous, most shaped my early adulthood. I always come back here with hesitation, but I am so lucky to come visit one of my favorite people with my bestie. We have had a great time so far and this weekend, I get to see all my hens at NASCAR. Yay yay yay yay. 

I was excited to take a run in Piedmont Park, the big city and the things that big cities accomplish for its residents amaze me. I only wish 1/8 of this would trickle down to Daytona Beach. Take the park for example, at 6am there had to be a 100 runners, a yoga class, a juicing food truck and five boot camp classes. All in the same place. At 6am. On a Friday. I am sorry to be all doe eyed, but how awesome. 

Although, I wasn't crazy fast...being around the environment made me keep going and not stop. As much as I love running by myself...Running around others gives me a tiny push...you?

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! 

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  2. All those people exercising at the park so early in the morning seems pretty awesome! Being around environments like that is really motivating isn't it? Seeing others sweat it out just makes me want to work even harder. :}

  3. Running while traveling is so much fun. It's such a motivator for me to explore a new city on foot. I ran while in Atlanta for a conference years ago. You brought back some great running memories for me today...thank you! :)

  4. That would be awesome to see all those people dedicated to getting fit all in one place. The map that tracked your run looks like you got lost or something :) glad you made it back.

  5. Hey Darlynn! Just wanted to swing by and see how you're doing and officially let you know that I nominated you for The Liebster Award! Head over to my site @ go-go-mountiangirl.com to read all about it and "accept" it if you're interested.

  6. Being around other runners definitely motivates me too. It is inspiring to see others and makes me believe I can do it too!

    Miss Adventures in Running

  7. I've always used my running to get to know new cities. Give me running shoes and a GPS and I'll gladly lose myself for an hour or two.

  8. I can't even imagine seeing that many folks in a park at one time. Especially on a Friday morning. That is awesome! Looks like you had a pretty view to boot.