Thursday Thoughts

How is it Thursday already? Or Mid July? We don't have children but I feel bad for them, half there summer is gone daddy gone.

I can't say it has been the most productive of's been real slow at work for some reason. I shouldn't complain but it makes me feel guilty and lazy at the same time. 

I'm horrified at the country's response at the George Zimmerman trial. I'm not going to get into it because I have a lot to say...but I'm just really saddened how this has spun out of control. I also think the social media that we love so much has given the modern day idiot a platform to spew such sad prophetic thoughts to be taken as genius. What do I know, I only sat and watched every minute of it like I was on the jury...not just got the media cliff notes each evening. 

The Rolling Stone cover was unbelievable. I hate Rolling Stone. They haven't written anything musically worthy since Pearl Jam ten came's all political satire of awful. Sometimes if you wait long enough, they will show their butts. 

On to happier thoughts! I won two awards this week, Readers Choice and Influential Women in Volusia and Flagler County. AND my friends at the Ormond Observer is doing an article about our wedding. Because I begged! Or asked nicely! 

Speaking of weddings, mine of is two months. I am still signing my maiden name by accident and if one more person asks me how married life is....I don't know what is gonna happen? Why on Earth does everyone ask me that? How else would it be! It's awesome! But it's the same. And allegedly you can't kill your husband when his friend stays till midnight delivering our new cabinet...because that is illegal. 

That's what is different because it is more legal when you are married. Ha.

Had a killer Junior League new member meeting, this year is gonna rock.

So, how was your week?

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