Plum Alley, THE Shopping Site for Women Innovation

I am really excited to talk to you about Plum Alley! Plum Alley is a new venture that I am 100% behind.
Plum Alley is the destination site where women entrepreneurs and innovators succeed with crowdfunding, commerce and experts. So, when you shop on Plum Alley, you are directly supporting women entrepreneurship! I can not stay off this site, especially on the female founders area where you can read about each woman's story and the goods that they sell.

Some things on my wishlist:
GC Estate Lavender Honey-Organically grown culinary Lavender "Provence" from the O'Connell Family Vineyard Estate blended with 100 % pure Napa Valley wild honey.

From Gabrielle Leonard, read her bio here

Best In Show Cocktail Napkins
I can't stand how cute these are! Embroidered cocktail napkins with ornate dogs in bright colors. 
100% linen. What a great gift this would make. 

Kim Seybert's is the designer and her bio is here.
Ebb and Flow Soy Candle
This is an earthy blend with familiar scents of trees and fallen leaves. The ambre boosts with sweetness giving this scent a pleasant finish. It's for the tree hugger in all of us. 

From Rupal Bindha, founder of Ebb and Flow-her cool story here

The items on Plum Alley are at all different price points and if you are like me who wishes to validate their shopping addiction, this meets that goal. When you shop on Plum Alley-you are supporting women! Plum Alley Commerce enables women and men to consciously direct their purchasing power to women entrepreneurs, making tangible contributions to the long-term growth and success of women-owned companies.

In addition to their commerce site, Plum Alley provides women entrepreneurs and innovators a way to raise money from a broad base of people through crowdfunding. Their crowdfunding platform will be live September 2013. To submit a project, please fill out this form.

Another cool aspect of Plum Alley is they have their finger on the pulse of women who invest in other women and give expert advice. Plum Alley’s panel of experts represents various fields and areas of business needed for success.
More info here

Do you know someone that would be a good match for Plum Alley? They showcase companies that have unique offerings or are best of class. The company must be 51% female owned, and receiving over $100k in revenue to qualify. Nominate your favorite female founder here.

Happy Shopping to you, and let me know what you find! Shop here, now and often! 

Disclosure: I am participating in this campaign for Plum Alley as a member of The Mission List. I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are my own.

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