Firecracker 4 Miler Race

My sister in law at family dinner last night said it and your activities exhaust me. Ha ha. 

On Wednesday afternoon, I had made the decision that instead of my usual route, I wanted to wake up on the 4th of July and go for a run on our World's Most Famous Beach first thing. Megan reminded me of the Annual Firecracker 4 Mile/10 Mile in Daytona sponsored by the Daytona Beach Track Club the next day. Last year, I remember sitting at our friend's hotel pool deck with cocktail in hand staring in disbelief as Megan was leaving early to go get up at the crack of dawn to race this race.

What a difference a year makes. It was I who went to bed early and got up at 5:30 to run the longest I ever had. You know what? I did it! I didn't die! I think the prepare always help. I try to hydrate but I find a little bit of coffee, a little bit of water and some sort of protein bar will make a difference. This time, I ate a thinkThin bar...they have some new bars that are crunchy and are delicious. I also depend on whatever is in Goo. This may be psychosomatic but I feel like I can solve the world when I get that goodness in me. 

My usual run is two miles, the 5Ks are starting to be a little less daunting but four miles was first day of school nerve-wracking. I have said over and over said that I have no interest in distance, I just want to perform my short run speeds. Doing the Galloway method, you can only go so fast...but its ok.

Our friends were in town this weekend, and they are all runners...its really nerdy but exciting to chat about running. Do you ever notice that? You can spend a long time talking about running! One of our friends doesn't listen to anything when he runs...I can't wrap my head around that! I have to have something to keep the monkey brain at bay!

My absolute favorite song this month to run to is Blurred Lines, by Robin Thicke...amazing.

So, my run went well and I didn't die. Things that are very important. Plus it gave me quite the platform to drink my weight in vodka the rest of the weekend. Sadly, once again the chipped race people can't seem to get my age or sex right! This time I was listed as a boy, last time as a 3 year old. At a time of 13:36/mile, I am not unhappy. At least I did it! 

Hope you all had a nice Fourth weekend. We sure did. 

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