Cheating on my Ipad with the Mini

I feel like I am cheating on my Ipad 2 since I bought the mini...because I haven't put her down since I got her. Last week, I saw my poor Ipad laying in the corner. A wave of guilt washed over me...because it has dust on it. And it was out of power because of non use! 

So, one of my plans this weekend was to spend some time with it and make sure it knew I still cared. After charging it back up  I went through and cleaned off some apps that I don't use any more. Like any hoarder with attachment issues, there are probably a couple dozen apps that I don't use. I took the advice of this article, if I hadn't used it in six months or couldn't remember what it did, it was bye bye. 

I made a promise to myself to use it all weekend. I am still reading Z:Zelda....its so good...I would love to live back in that time, wouldn't you? The fashion, the day drinking, the romance!  

Then I went over to Feedly, my new BFF since Google Reader and found this AMAZING article from Ashley at The Middle Finger Project! Sometimes I have to look at the browser bar to make sure I am not reading my own thoughts. To say her and I would be friends is not a stretch. But, everything she writes about is spot on! 

Finally, I made sure it was really clean. To do this, I used the ARTcloth, which I think you are really gonna like. I like the ARTcloth because its not flimsy like some of the other cleaning cloths. Plus, they have some really awesome designs. Look at the one I picked out! 


The ARTcloth is an antibacterial microfiber cleaning cloth that is great for cleaning tablets, smart phones, eReaders, glasses, and all screens and lenses. It is crafted of deluxe, dual-textured microfiber which features a soft side for cleaning and a silky side for buffing. With multiple collections and designs, the ARTcloth is the perfect accessory for your touchscreen.

You can see a short demo video of the ARTcloth here:

The ARTcloth is one of many cool products from LYNKtec find them on the web, Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. I love Feedly too! I was bummed with Google Reader disappeared, but feedly is perfection. :)