Vince Carter's Makes For A Great Business Lunch

I have been to Vince's Carter's for a dozen of different occasions, but its is always a great place for business meetings. The location is ideal for a meeting because it is right off of the highway (LPGA and 95 in Daytona Beach). This was the first time that I had been in the main dining room usually we sit in the main bar area which has wall to wall televisions. 

I'm proud of Vince Carter's because they have stuck to their guns and kept going making subtle changes along the way. They have relied on the talent of local restauranteurs who knew the deal in Daytona (first John from Carabaa's and now Armondo from Inlet Harbor) and not just relied on the name and the "if you build it, they will come" mentality. 

You won't see Vince waiting tables in his off season, but Vince's mom, a philanthropist (and co-owner) Michelle Carter-Scott often dines there with her husband who was my favorite high school vice principal. 

The food at Vince Carter's is excellent and the service is always good. You can't beaat a burger that you can make it the way you like it, for only $9. One thing I love is that when they ask you how you want your burger and you say medium rare, they actually bring it out to you medium rare!! Conceptual! :) It is my usual go to meal there because I can get it without a bun and with vegetables and the waitress smoothly understands that instead of looking at me like I have three heads, I borrowed the photo from their website, because mine didn't turn out as pretty. Get the burger, you won't be sorry! Oh! Get the Bloody Mary too, they are excellent! 

It's nice to be proud of Vince Carter and his Daytona roots. (Why didn't you go to Seabreeze!!) Kind of makes up for the whole Ryan Lochte E! Entertainment thing.

Credit:Vince Carters
Vince Carter's is located at 2150 LPGA Blvd in Daytona Beach. They offer convenient call ahead seating-386.274.0015. Visit them on Facebook. Restaurant is open Sunday through Thursday, 11 A.M. until 11 P.M. Friday and Saturday 11 A.M. until 12 midnight. Happy Hour is 3 to 7 P.M. seven days a week. 

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