Thursday Thoughts

Thursday has always been my favorite day. I chose this day to post a couple of ramblings just to shake the blog up a little bit. Sometimes you get to work with such great partners you realize you havent done much more than product placement or a restaurant review in a very long time. I have a lot of thoughts, theories and rants and raves and what better home could this be on a weekly basis. Be very excited! 

We are getting a new bed. The lady at Mattress Giant was interesting, she tried to play off that we couldn't decide which one to get, like marital problem related...but really we always make fair and balanced decisions. Getting a mattress is just an interesting process and full of choices. What kind, what size, adjustable, double adjustable? The Mister initially wanted a dual adjustable bed which I was not really for...if nothing else, I am sorry ...but extended twin sheets?? Do they even sell a high thread count in extended twin sheets? It looked esthetically stupid. That is what it is-two extended twins to make a bed. I have a plethora of queen size sheets that I loved so I was happy when the 10K sticker shock took that discussion right off the table. 

I know that this sounds really gay, but I am a little sad that I am giving up my mattress. Not the way you would think, gutter heads but a lot has happened in that bed. I recovered from brain surgery for six weeks on this bed and I watched countless hours of amazing television...and it was one of my first major purchases that I bought and paid off all on my lonesome. Apparently Felicity is having some attachment issues as well. 

Speaking of great television, I can't stop watching the Travon Martin/George Zimmerman trial. Literally glued. I caught myself fresh out of the shower, towel on head, eating potato chips, leaning in towards the TV completely engrossed and hanging on every word. Its amazing. The girl who last spoke to Trayvon and was the State's star witness makes me incredibly sad for the future of America, She was disrespectful, and clearly has no parents that trained her how to behave like a human being. That is about as involved as I want to get before I start ranting. Please google her deleted tweets, Class act. 

I had a fun fabulous book club this week. We discussed The Paris Wife and my pick for next month will be Z, the story of Zelda Fitzgerald. I hear she is bat shit crazy! I cannot wait! 

This weekend, I hope to get some sun in anticipation of the 4th of July. Also known as the middle of the Summer already! Can you believe it? My friends are coming to race in Daytona for the Coke Zero 400. I have a weird feeling that one of them...we are friends with four teams are gonna win this race. So, now that it is shall happen! Yay! 

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