Choosing A Married Name Is No Easy Task

On Saturday, low and behold-I received my marriage license. Not being able to sign things with my new last name has left me not really believing I was really married...but it is an arduous process, to say the least. So this week has been full of really fun field trips....

On Monday, I went to the Social Security Office and was reminded of this video, as it was indeed the first of the month-

I'm glad I had the giggle to keep me amused because when I walked in, the security guard said you must shut off your phone while you are here. So, after about ten minutes of withdrawals, I politely asked "Can I check email or do I have to shut it off completely?" Thankfully, it was the former so I was able to "check email", also known out of air quotes as play Candy Crush as I waited an hour with very interesting characters.

After that hell on Earth challenging process was over, it was on to the DMV the next morning. For some reason this started a little bit of melancholy and a smidgen of panic...even though I was married for three weeks...this was identification was over as I knew it. 

Not that was a bad thing, but what if my dad was looking down there are no more Nanganos...I should have had a boy? I know this sounds silly but it was a little misty eyed panic that my sister had to talk me off of.

Not that I ever said my last name a bunch, how many Darlynn's are there that you know? (I hope I am your favorite) But with this comes the inevitable mispronunciations-Darlene, and the dreaded Daryl-Lynn...sounds like derelict-doesn't it? So I never threw my last name in the mix for fear people would stop acknowledging me all together. I know my fears were silly. But, I am sure I am not the first newly married to feel this way.

But, what to call myself? Darlynn Nangano was my given name, Darlynn Ann Nangano was my legal name after confirmation in the 8th grade (its on all my legal docs) D.A. Nangano is how I sign my name. Now I have this monster new name to decide where to do what with.

D.N. Tacinelli will look terrible in a signature. 
D.A. Tacinelli wins that battle. 
(I have been scribbling that for years in the back of my notebook anyway!) 

If by that small chance I email someone and they don't recognize Darlynn Tacinelli, I felt I had to put my maiden name in there for the time being in my email signature. Check that one off. 

But, guess what happened when I left a comment this morning on Aubrey from i talk to food's blog (she is getting married too!)?

!@$!%&*#!!!! Cussword! So, I guess Darlynn @ The Little Blog Dress will go there. This is clearly something noone dares whispers to you during the wedding planning. 

After deciding what you want to be called...I am sure that its not such an OCD process for almost all other then get to start changing everything you ever owned to reflect this new change. 

There are services like Miss now Mrs that will do all the paperwork for you and I am still considering looking into it, as I am sure I am missing something. Actually after looking at their list, I certainly did miss a bunch! The Post Office? The IRS? Damnit!!! 

Upside, I get pretty new credit cards! We saved $200 on our car insurance just by being married (I sound like a Geico commercial, but its true!) And above all, I am now a Mrs. in the eyes of the state of Florida and everywhere else I can think of-I think my dad would be ok with that. 

Mrs. Darlynn Ann Nangano Tacinelli 

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  1. Cute post! I for one could not wait to get rid of my maiden name. It is McDonald. Can you imagine the jokes I endured for 20 years?? :)

    PS I am visiting from NaBloPoMo.