Celebrate Ball Point Pen Day with A Bic #giveaway

When you get married, you get prizes!! You register for a bunch of stuff you don't need or think you want and then you come home and say Oh! What was I thinking?! Where am I going to put everything?! So I spent most of my weekend figuring that out! 

I also heard about these romantic stories when a husband and wife exchange a gift the day of their wedding....we somehow forgot about all that!! But it gave me a perfect platform to champion my need for a new I-pad Mini. 

Yes, I know I have a MAC problem but I love it! Its so cute! But, what I really like is what I got with it to make me feel a little more savvy! Its new from Bic, and its the coolest thing to use for work or for writing! Now I can have the best of both worlds with the new BIC® Tech 2-in-1 Stylus and Pen. 

Today is Ballpoint Pen Day-Here is a story to make you smarter-On this day in 1943, brothers Laszlo and Georg Bíró filed a patent for what's now one of the world's most common writing instruments. In 1945, the pens went on sale in the U.S., at Gimbel's in New York, for $12.50 each ($145, inflation adjusted). The store sold $125,000 worth on day one, and Bic, which bought the patent, has sold 100 billion-plus since 1950. 

The  new BIC® Tech 2-in-1 Stylus and Pen features a lightweight stylus on one end and a retractable ballpoint pen with smooth-writing Easy-Glide System® ink on the other, the BIC Tech 2-in-1 Stylus and Pen is there wherever inspiration strikes. It comes in PINK!! I love it! It is very convenient and I like that it keeps my Ipad fingerprint free. 

As part of the launch, BIC also created a free app, My BIC Notes, which enables consumers to take notes, write to-do lists, draw and doodle using the Stylus on their tablet.

Features of the BIC Tech 2-in-1 Stylus include:
·         Lightweight stylus for capacitive touchscreen devices, including tablets and smartphones
·         Easily glides across screens providing fingerprint-free precision and control
·         Retractable ball pen with Easy-Glide System® ink—BIC’s exclusive ink technology for smooth writing
·         Available in four metallic barrel colors: silver, blue, pink and aqua
·         A suggested retail price of $4.99 for a one-pack and $7.97 for a two-pack

To celebrate Ball Point Pen Day-how about a giveaway? Your chance to win a brand new Bic Tech 2-in-1 Stylus in your choice of color! 

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