The Wedding Hangover

Good Morning from rainy Provincetown! I am excited to blog for the first time as a Mrs! What a wonderful magical day we pulled off. Everything went off without a hitch, my nerves were in check and we ended throwing quite the party! At least that was the feedback! We have only been engaged for five months and five days before we tied the knot and despite the oh my god comments from EVERYONE that's so soon...It was plenty of time, a lot of fun and I learned a lot. But when I get back, I am a little scared that I am gonna suffer a huge loss with nothing to plan! I know that there were many things that I learned that I think I want to put to pen and paper, some elements that I did that I think monetarily I could benefit providing for others but what else?

In a way, I am excited because of my self imposed deadline, it forced me to streamline the way I run my business. I am excited to see how my business can grow now that I have proven to myself that I can be ├╝ber efficient.

Or maybe I just sit back and breathe with all the free time and explore some other more blogging. It would be nice to include more "This is Darlynn" blogs instead of ones that are driven with career advice or product endorsements (which I love)

Some other ideas:
Get my summer reading on. With the second part of A Devil Wears Prada and Jen Lancaster's new book out next week, it would be nice to find the time to read.

Take that crochet class. About five hundred feet from the office is a knitting studio...I must take classes to make you a scarf by winter.

Get back into the yogi state of mind. It's time to go back, the excuse of I don't have time to be centered and better myself is unacceptable.

Explore the consulting/speaking aspect of my business. The time is now.

Organize and streamline...I know I can keep it going!

What would you so if you had all this extra free time?

Mr and Mrs Tacinelli

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