Win A Trip to BlogHerFood 13 with Hungry Girl and Pompeian!

This is a really exciting promotion! As a Blogger, I can honestly say being involved with BlogHer and attending their conference last year changed everything I know and do about blogging. I have been looking at BlogHer Food in Austin even though its two weeks after my wedding and one week before we travel to go to another wedding....I am a masochist and I am gonna enter this promotion from Pompeian and Hungry Girl. 

Spring is a great time to think about taking your old cooking habits in for a tune-up? Ladies, it’s Time to Change Your Oil!

Pompeian and Hungry Girl are challenging all bloggers to change our oil by re-imagining a recipe that uses butter or vegetable oil, and instead try Pompeian’s Grapeseed Oil or OlivExtra Premium Mediterranean Blend. 

Simply post your recipe with an accompanying image on your blog, head to the Time to Change Your Oil Facebook application to share a link to your recipe blog post, enter your contact info and click SUBMIT! The winner will be selected by Hungry Girl Lisa Lillian and will receive an all-expense paid trip to BlogHer Food ’13 in Austin, TX June 7-8. Plus, their recipe will be featured with Pompeian throughout the event!
This is exciting on fifty two levels for me! First off, I am Italian and I only cook with Pompeian Oils...they are the best! I love that they have these new blends! Secondly, I have been miserably dieting and have been looking a the Mediterranean Diet as my new lifestyle because it really aligns to how I eat normally. Most importantly, who doesn't LOVE Lisa from Hungry Girl??! She is on my top list of women entrepreneurs! It has been so exciting to watch her grow from a blog to an email to a book and a tv show and then more books!! I cherish her emails daily because this girl knows her stuff!!!  

Thanks to recent scientific findings, the Mediterranean diet has boosted the popularity of olive oil. As a leader in olive oil, Pompeian wants to share a much lesser known oil and chef secret for decades – grapeseed oil.

A chef secret for decades, grapeseed oil has similar health benefits to olive oil, but it is even more versatile for cooking due to its light taste and high smoke point. And just for entering, Pompeian will send you a voucher for one free bottle of Pompeian oil!

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