Using Social Media To Internalize Your Own Narcissism In Time Of Tragedy

Human nature never ceases to amaze me. I promise not to to do what I saw all day long on many blogs I follow, and on all social media today.

Keyword keyword keyword. Everyone is going to be googling and hashtaging this terrible tragedy that happened yesterday. Let's jump on the boat so they will notice me and my blog! Think of the hits and impressions!

I will not accept  how some people on my social media yesterday and today are making this about themselves. Its hard to believe what is in peoples chemical makeup to somehow make it about them for the purpose of self promotion. I would imagine that this behavior is not new to any psychologist but unfortunately thanks to social media, now I have to read it and be amazed at the way people behave and don't try to hide it .

I also spent a good time unfollowing people yesterday who didn't have the common sense to take down all their automated tweets and Facebook posts during this time of dismay. In between all the news, updates and sincere outpour of sorrow, Hey Look! Check out the Spring trends that I found at TJ Maxx on my blog! Shame on you.

The whole running thing is new to me, but the feeling that you get from crossing any finish line is  the best feeling you will ever have. Even after my piddly first official cross the finish line and have people that I didn't know cheering me made me smile and cry because of the deep sense of accomplishment I felt. To replace that feeling with a sense of fear, of insecurity and panic after what happened yesterday is what I feel is the real tragedy here.

So, I am upset and my heart is broken...and this may seem a little ranty but I am putting it where my heart is best spent.

Pray for Boston. Pin It

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