The Trifecta of A Perfect Monday With A Touch of Sadness

Today started as a weird day for sure. As Mondays usually are never anyone's favorites....this one was very strange. When watching the Today show, we sadly learned of Margaret Thatcher's passing. A strong wonderful lady, one of the first females who led the way. What was weird is I picked her quite this week as my Monday Musing. Hmph.

This afternoon, while having lunch at my favorite new French restaurant, (Rendez-Vous in Daytona Beach) my beau texted to tell me that Annette Funicello had also passed away. A sad day for us all who grew up watching (reruns...mind you) the Mickey Mouse Club. 

Amidst all the sadness, a couple of really cool things happened today. Before my lunch date, I got invited to a Tweetup sponsored by our NBC affiliate WESH-TV. If you have ever laid eyes on this blog, you know that I am BIG fan of NBC and of course WESH. I have grown up watching only one network religiously and it is NBC. In fact, someone in this home who shall remain nameless thinks its funny to change the channel when I get up and get more coffee. haha! I watch nothing else, its just all that I know. Are you like that? Am I just the crazy one to be dedicated to one news source for all its coverage?

I received an email from Kevin who is their head of Digital Media-WESH is hosting a #tweetup next week at their studios in Winter Park. They are sending special invites to a very select few @WESH2Sunrise followers who are active on Twitter, and invited me to join them. I will  get a behind-the-scenes look at the WESH 2 studios during Sunrise and the chance to meet the people I see on TV. Pretty cool, huh??! More info soon! 

I am now late to my lunch! But this was a great excuse. As I am driving down the road at a stoplight, I get a text message from a dear friend who works in country music. "Hey, do you want to come meet Taylor on Thursday or Friday night??"

So, Megan and I will be adding another artist to our list of meet and greets. I am a huge fan! And she has an adorable process for her meet and greets...I can't wait to tell you about that! YAY! 

At this point, I am pretty much floating on air, had an amazing lunch...come home and take an unexpected sieste. I woke up realizing that I missed a meeting...whoops...but, as I went to stalk the mailbox for RSVP there was a BIG box waiting for me.

I opened it and took a whiff and swore someone sent me Strawberry Shortcake dolls! A LITTLE better than that!!!! 

This my friends, is the new Smirnoff line of lower calorie vodkas called Sorbet Light! Trust me, you will be hearing about them a LOT from me! They smell so good, I am not sure which one I will try first.

In other news, runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend registration officially opens tomorrow! As a Disney Vacation Club member, I have already made the jump to sign up early for the Inaugural 10K..but if you want some inside scoop head on over to Megan's blog. She had the pleasure of speaking to Faron Kelley, Director, Marketing Disney Sports Attractions, who had lots of great info and new news for the weekend! 

So, how was your Monday??! 

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  1. Well we did not have a case of the Monday Blues, that is for sure! I am so happy we both had fantastic Monday's and I cannot wait to see you on Thursday!!!!!! xoxo PS bring me that Vodka, stat.