Insomnia, Insanity and DIY Wedding Planning

I give mad props to all that have the time to have a wedding blog...I mean, you amaze me and I bow down to you. This blog means so much to me...I always say, I run a social media marketing agency but this blog is what keeps me motivated and yet I haven't had one second to tell you all the exciting things that have happened in my world. 

I am knee deep in wedding planning! I am a DIY fool! I don't even DIY and I am DIYing everything!! Do you want to see?? OK!!! 

A confession, that I don't like flowers, they make me sneeze. Thanks to my girl Katie at the fabulous She likes Ruffles, I have started an entire movement of coffee filter flowers. They are gonna be so awesome and I am gonna be sad when I dont have to make any more. 

Check out my Vine-(@littleblogdress) on how to make them in six seconds, but be sure to click on Katie's link above how to get all details. 

Then, I have been raiding every thrift store I can find to get glassware of all shapes and sizes to bring to my most amazing almost sister in law so she can generously figure out how to paint them cream colored. I have visons, and I have ideas of crazy and she is very good at making them a reality! 

The finished product will be the base of all the coffee filter flowers which will be spray painted in my colors. 

Certainly this is not the end of all the centerpieces, Oh No! I am too much of a masochist! Said famous almost sister in law is also helping me cover and paint mailing tubes and crepe myrtle branches to come up with actual amazing centerpieces.

Finally, I have just completed the most obsessive compulsive task to date...picking out invitations. I have a new love affair with Etsy and with the help from Alexandra from Delight Ink and Melissa who addressed my envelopes to perfection. Let me assure you, the best money you will EVER spend is paying someone to make your envelopes beautiful! Think of the time it will save you! 

I can't keep a secret to save my life, I really wanted to wait for the oh wow factor for my invites but here is a sneak peek:

So , that is what I have been up to...I tell people that I am not stressed planning a wedding in five months but my body is telling me different. I am sleeping very little and had to go to the ER for kidney stones.

Listen to your body, its no joke! 

Did you DIY for your wedding?? How did you handle the stress?
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  1. I suggest you also conduct a taste-test. It's one of the yummiest parts of your wedding preparations, plus you're making your guests are getting only the best. Your groom-to-be's going to love this too!

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