Drybar Products Now At Sephora and QVC!

Oh! So exciting for the lovlies at Drybar! Their first product line is here!! I yearn for a Drybar in my town ever since I went to the NYC in August. But, I am getting really excited that I now can go buy the tools that will help recreate their awesomeness in my very own bathroom.  

This week, I got a very exciting email!!!

Woo Hoo Indeed!!!

Hair styling salon Drybar is launching its first product line to be sold at Sephora, QVC and Drybar locations nationwide beginning in March. I am very excited about the Drybar announcement because among many things the whole concept is a women entrepreneurs worship idol for me.

New York-based Drybar said its founder, Alli Webb, a longtime professional stylist, spent several years developing a complete line of styling products and tools with Drybar stylists to help achieve the perfect blowout.

"After trying nearly every existing product line," Webb said in a press release, "I just couldn't find what we were looking for to meet our very specific styling needs. So I partnered with some of the best labs in the world to create exactly what we needed at Drybar."

Each product was tested and tweaked with the assistance of more than 1,000 Drybar stylists and developed in collaboration with Drybar investor and board member, Janet Gurwitch, who is also the founder and former CEO of Laura Mercier Cosmetics.

"Alli's vision and passion has been impressive to watch," said,Gurwitch. "She has identified a real niche in the market and the performance of these products is truly like nothing I've ever experienced in hair styling."
From the press release: The products, which are available online already, include nine styling products ranging from shampoos and conditioner to hairspray and mousse, as well as seven styling tools including blow dryers, curling irons and brushes. Prices for the styling products range from $20 for dry shampoo to $35 for smoothing oil, while its Buttercup blow dryer will cost $190 and 3-Day Bender curling iron retails for $125.

Style Blazer did a great job breaking the products down, be sure to check out all that they have to offer!

Drybar specializes in blow dry hair styles, or blowouts, costing $35-40, depending on location. It currently has 25 locations throughout the country, and I SO hope they look to open one in Daytona Beach, (or even Orlando) soon! But, I sure have some products now to keep me occupied in the meantime!

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