28K Wedding is the Average? How!

This week on the Today Show there was an article announcing that the average price of a wedding goes up to $28K. How is this humanely possible that people aren't being more budget conscious in the modern world of DIY blogs and Pinterest?? 

I would be interested to see the ages on the groom and bride on this study. I think it is a little different when Mommy and Daddy are paying. I don't say this to be condescending but since I am in my late (!) thirties, there is no parental dowdy waiting for me to feast my hungry bridal planning hands on! We are paying cash for our wedding, and I am coming in probably at 10K and trust me....there are NO corners cut because of lack of funds. I am just being very logistical in my thoughts on what needs to be paid for and what can be not a part of the process. I also am pulling this wedding off in five months doing most of the planning (by my choice) on my own. 

Some quick easy ways to keep your costs down-

Size of Cake-
At the end of the day, even tho my friend Erum dramatically disagrees people are gonna remember you, your wedding and the fun time...the cake?? Yes, maybe how pretty it is but unless you are having a non alcoholic wedding and this may be the focus (no judgement)...save yourself a lot of hassle and get a smaller two-three tier cake and have your caterer have a sheet cake in the back to be cut. Smart, huh! 

Let Etsy be your friend-Oh Etsy, how I love you so! I had my invitations designed and personalized for near pennies! It was so worth it to take the time and do it this way! I have invites that people have never seen and the initial reaction (they went out this week). The time save having them addressed also is worth every penny.

No Champagne toast, what are you on Real Housewives? I got a great tip from my friend who has been catering for over two decades. And it comes in seven words: 

Ladies and Gentleman, please raise your glass

From My Pinterest File
Notice, I didn't say put up the champagne, bitches! (Oh, how I wish someone would say that!) If you think about it, how many people  boys really love champagne? In a puny glass that is flimsy and plastic? For a couple of sips, you will save hundreds of dollars by having champagne on hand but train your speechers to say Raise Your Glass

Get your booty on Pinterest- Dear God, what did we do before Pinterest? Single Ladies, dont feel guilty for having a fake wedding file for years! Pin away all the ideas you see that you like when your prince will come. Because when the day comes and the guilt of having this collection washes away...you will see a theme for your wedding and oodles of ideas you may never have remembered otherwise. And the DIY projects will save you quite the buck! 

Please feel free to leave your bridal money saving ideas in the comments

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