Au Cabaret -Keegan Theater Review

When I was in DC last week, I had the pleasure of going to see Cabaret in Washington DC. This was amazing thing to wrap my head around, because it is one of my favorite musicals and my friend's most talented cousin Alison was performing. I could barely stand the wait.

To see such a magical performance in such a place like The Keegan Theater was something I will not soon forget. I will echo the Washington Post's review and say the location made it intimate and emotionally involving...I don't think I  would have been so moved at a larger venue. They also announced at our performance that they are renovating, how exciting!!

If you are in the DC area, please make a point to go see Cabaret through March 2nd. But, more importantly follow them on Twitter and Facebook so you can keep up with their progress! 

When I was in the theater, I thought this would be a cool place to do my first Vine, (follow me @littleblogdress), its my new obsession.

Admittedly  it was terrible but here is the actual video that I took before the second act started.  I am always a little nerdier when it comes to social media when I travel...prob because I have a little more downtime to play!

Last week, I came across a cool article on some ideas how Broadway can use social media to reach those billions of internet and mobile-connected people around the world.

Here is the article from Randi Zuckerburg's new website dot complicated on social media and the theater. 

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