Why It's Important To Only Be Good At What You Do

When I meet with someone for the first time to discuss their social media, what comes up once we establish a relationship almost every time is if I can help them with some of the other internet based issues they are having: 

Do I do websites? Do I do email newsletters? Do I do graphic design? 

One of the most important lessons I have learned as an entrepreneur is to not let greed and dollar signs spread myself too thin. It is incredibly important as a new or nearly new business owner to spend your time on one, two, maybe three areas of expertise until you grow enough to have the staff to handle such volume. 

If it is just you, how on Earth would you feel comfortable selling your ability when you claim to handle 6, 7, or even 10 areas of expertise? What exactly are you good at? Will you come mow my lawn in addition to all these skills?? It is very easy to say yes, yes, yes to get the deal, but what kind of service are you providing if you are doing a little in a lot of different areas? Wouldn't it make sense to hone your skills in only a couple of areas you enjoy the most? It is a really important lesson.

My business proudly only offer a handful of social media services at a reasonable price. Because it is very important to be THE person your client turns to and asks for your opinion when making advertising (or your field) decisions-I have a list of people that I trust that are in similar fields that I can recommend. 

Spend some time when you start your business networking with like minded individuals that will be good referrals when you are asked. Do not view them as competitors. If you choose wisely, these will also be a great source of leads and new business for you! 

For the first time or two, I would oversee slightly. At the very least, you want to make sure that when you refer them, they contact your client in a timely manner. In the same manner, when you are referred business in the same manner, please make an effort to contact them as close to immediately after you are referred. It is the right thing to do. 

Some of the referrals don't work out but it is beneficial to keep an open communications with these like minded businesses...I promise it will lead to new leads, more accounts and good karma. 

An added bonus, by referring someone responsible to help your client does them a huge favor and the trust they have for you and your business has grown.   

PS-As a business, be weary of the one to man operations that offer you tons of skill sets, especially in the area of social media and internet marketing. Bravo on their tenacity but its best to work with people who spend the time making themselves the best in ONE area, i.e. social media, email newsletters, web design...not all three. It is great to try to be an all-in-one stop, but make sure they have the staff to handle it.

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