January Cravebox: Say, You Want A Resolution?

So, I am on shopping lockdown. Allegedly I am planning a wedding and some people in this decision making process think I need to stop spending and start saving.

I am painstakingly deleting my Ann Taylor Loft daily emails (I lost my Foursquare mayorship there,  thank you very much).

I am honestly now spending a lot of time looking at wedding stuff online because I feel like these are things that I won't feel guilty buying. Its for the cause right?

However, perhaps maybe someone really doesn't know understand about my secret subscription stash!!!! Maybe perhaps someone thinks is led to believe that I am an awesome blogger and these monthly packages of awesome are along some of the other things that I am sent regularly. Don't judge for hiding this, I need the new product escape!

This month, Cravebox really outdid themselves with their Resolutions Cravebox. I loved everything about it! First, I love when I get sent new meal replacement bars to try because I am terrible about eating breakfast. I am excited to try the ZONE PERFECT NUTRITION BAR and SUNRYPE FRUITSOURCE. The  MARS BOTANICAL COCOAVIA According to their website, the cocoa flavanols in CocoaVia® cocoa extract supplement are scientifically proven to help support cardiovascular health by helping maintain healthy circulation. Your heart, brain, muscles, skin - even exercise performance - all depend on a healthy circulatory system for support. Chocolate for Good? Sounds right to me! Also, came in my Cravebox were the new Ten line from A&W and &7Up! Can't wait to try them! 

To beautify myself, the Cravebox contained Mary Kay's new TimeWise Repair Eye Renewal Cream. The metal applicator is genius, it gives you a little cool relief as you apply the soothing eye cream. Definitely gonna make a go at trying to remember to use eye cream every day. Wedding pictures aren't gonna make themselves beautiful, now are they?! Also in this package was a treat from Pantene-Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Whip which will help my hair shine even during a damaging blow dry.

Most of all I was proud like a Mama Bear to see Wholly Guacamole participate with a cool chip clip and a coupon for free Guacamole! I love those Wholly folks and am proud to blog for them!

Thank you Cravebox for giving me my fix on new stuff, keep em coming it's gonna be a long 4 months! To find out more about their monthly program click here.

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