Ice Skates For Everyone, I Am Getting Married!!!!

So this is a purely indulgent blog for me and my memories and to deal with the constant gush of emotions. Written documentation that I will remember for days to come!! I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!!! 

I am incredibly overwhelmed and it is starting to settle in. I have been with my boyfriend fiancĂ©e for almost eight years and we have been friends since we were young. An awesome B movie, but I am not Kate Hudson...right??? But I sure feel like it since Wednesday night. I keep looking down and smiling and smiling...its amazing. I never knew it could be THIS awesome! I keep wanting to grab everyone I see and say HEY!!! LOOK AT THIS!!! 

So, begins the process. We are looking mid May 2013. That may seem soon to you, but like any girl. I have been planning this my entire life. I promise not to bore you too much, haha yeah right..but if you have any amazing wedding blogs I must check out...please comment below. 

the amazing moment captured forever

Its ginormous and beautiful and mouthdropping, apparently 

Update 1/30/13:
Allegedly, it is now official. Someone blew the dust off his Facebook and clicked that confirm button six weeks later. Hey, it took years for him to confirm that he was dating me, he kept denying me and it kept saying that I was single, while he giggled all along.

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  1. Congratulations! How exciting for you! Amazing ring and an amazing happy face to go with it. Enjoy the entire process! What a way to kick off your holiday season! Joy to the World!