December Musings

Ugh! I hate when a week goes by and I haven't had any time to check in. It is December! The most magical time of the year! Even though I am still not believing that the holiday season is upon us, I had better set a plan. I am still at bird flipping the radio station that plays 24/7 Holiday Music...but I need to get on it or it will get on me! 

It has been a busy couple of weeks and it is about to get a little crazier. Thankfully, for whatever reason, I am not exceptionally busy professionally in December. This is a blessing because there is so much to do during this time, who has time to run a business? I will be lamenting over my taxes and my books that I haven't been too diligent again with...but there is still time to beat myself up over that next week!  

Today is also my best friend's birthday. She has been there for me when noone else was and I owe her many many moments of gratitude. I can't believe that she is 14, it scares me...I want her to live forever and ever. Happy Birthday Freja!

Today started out with the giddy excitement that the Target for Neiman Marcus launch was FINALLY here!! Even though I posted a while ago to keep myself on track, I fear I went a little nuts. Oh well, I did list some items on Ebay and I am having a little buyer's remorse and may return an item or two.

December is also my birthday month and I am excited this year because it is the last year before I turn 40. Crazy! I usually make a pretty big deal about my birthday-but this year, I am choosing to do a little more low key and am having dinner tonight with friends and boyfriend at my favorite Italian restaurant. Next weekend Megan is taking me to dinner, yay! I hate that it falls on a Monday. I would  also like to emphatically kill thank Tory Burch for sending me a gift certificate for my birthday. So looks like what I will be treating myself to...even though that has been my story and I am sticking to it for my trip to Dillards this week. I swear, we will make up any story to make us feel better about the overspend...huh?? 

This is the first year that we hadn't gone to our town's Wine Festival for my birthday. I kind of miss it, but I know tonight is gonna be fun. Here are some pics from the last two years....



I am a little more whimsical this year at birthday time. I have a lot of goals to accomplish and a lot of things that I want to do. I am looking forward to something mystical and amazing that is close to happening to my dear friend, as well as a stress free holiday season.

As I was shopping, I saw this quote from Marilyn Monroe and it really resonates with me! 

"If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty."

How do you make sure that the stress stays at a manageable level during this time?? 
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  1. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a year filled with only good things. Sounds like you have a great support system as well..Cheers!