2012-A Year In Review

So, I have always hated New Year's. Always. Except for the years when I was making hand over fist money behind a beer tub or bar, I have always been a bah humbug to this end of the year celebration. Even now that I am not single, it just never impressed me. But, this year has been amazing and i know whatever we do tonight will just cap it a year that WAS! Some highlights if you will spare me the journey:

January 2012
In January, we went to San Diego for the first time. Everyone I told grabbed me physically and say you will love it. We liked it. I think we are more East Coasters (something to think about for our impending honeymoon). San Diego was fun, a little cold but I don't think I got the full experience. We did get to go whale-watching which was way cool. We saw 5 whales. So SO neat, And, we took one of my favorite pictures to date this year. 

February 2012

February is always a fun month! My uncle comes in to town, as do my friends who are starting their long race season in Daytona. It is a fun, liver hurting couple of weeks. At the track, our friends work real hard and my friends and I drink "water" which smells like flavored vodka and water and Tasmanian devil up and down the track. But, you never know who you are gonna run into! I looked over and I was like OH!! That is Justin Tuck of the mother cussword Giants, my uncle and brother are gonna freak. With a little vodka courage in tow, I asked demanded for a photo opp! He was so tall, I barely made the photo! 

March 2012
March is the beginning of Spring and I was determined to get my booty out and running. I did the HGB Drop diet, lost about 20 lbs for a good start and was ready to start working on my goal to be a runner. It was more exciting than I thought it would be! I did 5 5K's and even though I had an injury along the way, I can click off my year goal of starting to be a runner. 87 miles! That is good!

Along with stalking, seeing Tony Bennett for the 80th time, March was also the time for my favorite day at my friend's pool. It was perfect weather and a reminder why we live in Florida! This is me and my besterton Ally. It was an amazing day filled with fun in the sun on a Sunday! 

April 2012
Happy Spring! In April, we went to Easter Brunch at the Shores with my future mother in law an aunt. Ally and I went to Earthday Birthday which is our favorite concert event and hung out with the boys from Theory of a Deadman...fun fun fun. Other month highlights, Ormond Beach Leadership with my friend Diane, an artist date with Whim Wham Art Studio, Introduction to Bakon Bloody Mary which deserves its own mention!

May 2012
May started out with a BANG! Diane and I started with a pool day embracing our self-employment and the next day Ally, my beau and I went to see Nickelback, Bush and Shinedown. Our seats were kind of good. It was the first time Ally and I were able to flex our muscle in front of my boyfriend...he was very determined that we needed to make a plan, and didn't trust that Ally had the hookup. Not for nothing, but we had the hookup. I think he will remain silent for quite some time. Seriously, it was fun to take him with us...you get jaded when you have been doing this for as long as we have. Gavin Rossdale is as cute as he was 15 years ago and rocked the house! So much fun! Also in May, I sponsored my first real event! It was a fun event at Florida Hospital Project Hope and I got to see my name in lights. It was really great to give back.

June 2012

My niece graduated high school. I am so proud of her...she is really on to great things. It was great to see her walk that stage and I found an awesome dress for the day...a great day all around. My Meggey had a birthday in June and we spent a very nice Father's Day saying goodbye to her dad for the last time as we spread his ashes on one of the most beautiful day. It was one of those things that B movies are made of and a quiet memory Megan and I will share for a long time. On June 19th after running for a couple of months! I ran my first 5K! It wasn't the fastest thing I have ever done, but I did it and that was all that mattered. The ones that followed went a lot easier! At the end of June, my sister had a milestone and we threw her a girls only surprise birthday party. I love to plan parties! It was so much fun! She was so surprised! 

End of Summer 2012
End of the summer came quick! Joe's Crab Shack opened a killer rooftop bar that we enjoyed one Friday night. It has 360 degree views of the World's Most Famous Beach. It was the best way to spend a late summer evening and those are the kind that memories are made of. The 4th of July race was epic and stellar, loved seeing our friends again. My runs continued and they were slowly getting quicker. In July Megan and I went to the BlogHer conference...it was an amazing opportunity in our favorite city in the world. It gave us a chance to connect with like minded bloggers, most who were rude but GREAT affiliates! I loved the opportunities it has presented for us this year. I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to dance with the Rockettes and had a GREAT time with Restaurant Week....it was a great trip. We got to hear Martha Stewart and Katie Couric speak too. So perfect. The trip ended with a now memorable trip to the Rockaways pre-Sandy. I could not believe that just a short time later it would be met with such destruction. Got home on Monday night and turned around on Thursday to go with my boyfriend's family on their family cruise to the Bahamas. This challenged my self employed self....it was a lot of work but the rewards were worth it. A great way to end to summer. On to Fall!!

Fall 2012

Political season was underway! My friend Heather and I got up at dawn, literally to see Mitt Romney speak. It was awesome. I was glad I did it, even tho it made for a long long day. I got really busy with new clients thanks to all this political awesomeness. 

In September, we had some gorgeous boat days and college football was underway. We went to the Tampa game which was fun! Yes, it poured rain during tailgating and we decided that we were thankful we liked each other as we sat in the car drank a ton of beer and made fun of people in the pouring rain. Thankfully the skies cleared and the game was awesome.  

We went to Raleigh the next weekend and it was a great relaxing time. I loved every minute of this city! We went on brewery tours and went to a sadly lost football game. The weather was perfect, we met a bunch of really nice people and I can't wait to go and visit again. I felt really lucky to have had the chance to visit such a cool city!
The Fall was a time for trips I guess! We also went down to Homestead for the race and enjoyed the Keys for all that it was worth! I hadnt been there forever and the weather was beyond perfect. The drive was terrible but it was a lot of fun!

The end of 2012 and Beyond

*TWO back to back 5Ks
*Marvelous Birthdays
*An engagement
*I started a Visual Journal
*Two Stomach Flus (blick)
*A long awaited baby for my dear friends. I am an aunt again! 
*Surrounded by so much Birthday love a girl can barely stand...followed by 

*An Engagement and Full Permission to make good on my Fake Wedding File

Can you tell I am getting tired of wriitng? I literally feel like I have the rest of my life ahead of me and anything is possible! Happy New Year!

Next year I will be:
*A Mrs!!!
*Celebrating my 3rd year as a business owner  
*A better Runner 
*A good wife
*A better friend 
*A better Blogger
*Better Traveled
*Better Inspired 

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