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The holidays are upon us. This year, I haven't exactly started to feel it. My last year in my thirties are about to begin and I just can't believe another year is about to close. It has been an amazing year but how do you grasp time and make it hold still? One think I am thankful for is thanks to social media and its many platforms, my pictures and the memories that go with them are usually a click away. I have sent all my pictures from my phone to Google Plus and Instagram just makes everything so pretty...doesn't it?? I have started following a couple of people on Instagram that embody my love for NYC and I just love how an okay picture looks dynamic in Instagram. One cute program that I get a chance to visit every morning in my inbox is Morning Pics. According to their website, Morning Pics are memories delivered daily to your inbox.Wake up every morning to a small reminder of a special moment you captured and shared on Instagram.

It is awesome and I highly suggest it for a good pick me up each and every morning. I will warn you, however some mornings your heart will tug a little as you realize that it has been 72 days since you have seen your darling niece, 112 days since you visited your favorite place on Earth...and that night, THAT night happened 179 days ago. 

But, isnt that what reflection is all about??

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