What I Learned In Year Two As A Business Owner

Today celebrates the still not realized dream that two years ago, I started my own business. As I described a year ago, I still don't have my arms wrapped around the fact that I am pulling this off. I wonder when it is gonna take me.

We leave for North Carolina tomorrow and although I don't have to check my vacation time, be nice to anyone to hope they will let me have it off, it still is a lot of tap dancing to pick up and leave mid week. 

I can't say I will do this year in and year out but today I am a little melancholy, and a lot thankful and thought it would be a benefit to write about what I learned in year two. 

Put the oxygen mask on yourself. Set a part time to make sure that you have all your marketing current and up to date at minimum once a week. Even if you spend just five minutes,  making some follow up calls, you are bettering your business.

Be mindful of your time...when you are passionate, you will want to work all the time, but you need to set boundaries.

Stop feeling guilty. The joys of owning your own business if that the time is yours, right? So, why feel guilty if a casual lunch turns into a three martini one? (Don't judge) Remember, after many has punched their time clock for the day, you are still wearing a hat or three of a business owner.  

Truly take a break, even if it is just one day When was the last time you did this? I mean not one ounce of work? Not so much turned on the computer? I can't exactly practice what I preach because it took a cruise ship, an out of country jaunt and no access to a computer or phone to make this happen for me! Of course, I did go down when no one was looking on said cruise and checked my email....all 135 of them. Take bed days, even if you work from them...

Remember to give back Now that I have made a little money, it's been fun to donate causes I believe in. It's ok if you carefully look at your what's in it for me options...you still want to make sure that you are not putting a match to your money!

Respect your talent. I'm gonna work on this. Especially in this field, people are always asking me for free advice and asking to pick my brain. I'm not gonna give up the farm in my presentations either. It's a fine line to show them what you can do and for them to say no and then start doing exactly what you showed them themselves. It has happened...Lesson learned.

 Ask for help, find some advice and constantly surround yourself with like minded individuals. What would I do without my like minded individuals who have talked me off the ledge a million times? I have no idea, and you shouldn't have to ever find out.

What advice would you give to me as I embark in year three?

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