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This week, I am in North Carolina to hopefully see the Florida State Seminoles whoop it up for the first 6-0 in a very long time. I promise you that had we not had our very good friend from high school offer for us to come and stay with him, we prob would not have made the treck...I want to be clear that this lavish lifestyle is in my head solely.

Joey has explained to us that lately he has been getting into the craft beer hobby. This sounds like an amazing thing to pursue, right? Beats the hay out of knitting! In Raleigh, there are many a craft beer option and venues to do so. Thursday we went to Casktoberfest which was really fun. But our first night in town, he wanted to give us a little taste of what the world of craft beer is all about.

Wednesday night we went to Tasty Beverage Co. to help introduce a new brewery to North Carolina. Boulevard Brewing Company from Kansas City, Missouri and one of Joey's favorites was sampling some of their core beers and  also had 4 different beers on tap for us to enjoy.

Fat Tire WHOO!
When we walked into the Tasty Beverage Co., it was amazing. An extensive selection beers of every area of the US and all across the world. They had them for sale as singles, as six packs and more, but if you wanted to stay a while they had a little bar area set up in the back. This is where the Boulevard Tasting was taking place. Like any good man behind the bar, after describing what I normally drink I as given a couple of sample options so I could find the one I liked the best. 

The people that worked there were kind and answered my questions without rolling their eyes. 

Especially when I was practically jumping up and down at the way they collect their email addresses at the checkout! Yes, I took a more writing on a pad of paper. Convenience at your finger tips and an iPad. Yayayayaya! 

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