Putting The Trust In Your Social Media Professional-Part Two

Yesterday, I blogged about establishing the trust in paying someone to do your social media marketing. Here is Part Two:

How do you know you picked the right social media marketer?

1.You trust them explicitly and heed their recommendations

2. You  start sending them information to them and they get it out in a timely manner.

3. They spell correctly

4. They engage with the customer and they answer questions and address complaints immediately.

5. They post short, not lengthy status updates about your business that aren't always about your lunch specials.

6. They aren't annoying and talk about dinner plates at 9am on a Sunday, a legal issue at 11p at night on a Wednesday or Ask you to come for Bicirdi Happy Hour (note: the typo is theirs not mine).

Social Media Responsibilities For You And Your Employees

Once you have established trust in your professional, what if you or your employees still want to partake in the social media process? Know that even though you have hired someone, you can post at any time, but this should be taken off your list of things to worry about. Just like you wouldn't stand behind your lawyer and whisper closing arguments to him in your case, why not just send them the information over and trust the process of what you are paying is taking place?

Once you have made this hire, talk to your employees or managers and make sure they follow the process suggested by the social media professional.

I am not trying to be a control freak, I promise..I am so thankful for the inside help/additional posting by my clients, I am only one person! I just hope your social media professional takes time with them, and go over their preferences and expectations when working together. The end goal is mutual for all parties: using social media properly and feeling comfortable that your money is being well spent by hiring a professional.

I have had some wonderful relations with employees and clients co-posting, and some really bad ones. I had a GM tell me if he waned to post on Facebook for the shop, he could just do it and then proceeded to ask the owner for the amount of money that they were paying me monthly because he clearly had it under control and the company could just pay him. Ha Ha!

How Much Should Your Social Media Cost To Outsource?

Speaking of money, the trust of your social media professional should come at a price that is comfortable for the both of you. You should expect to pay less for a  simple, even blanket of social media presence, someone who has his eye on the streets for any online chatter about your business and does all the things described above. Not the bare minimum by any means but you can cross off having a social media presence off your list of things to do at this level, Expect to pay a little more if your social media includes more of the creative process.

Think about if you treat your creative professionals in your life and ask if you treat them like you should. Is it because they need the hand holding? Let them prove themselves to you before meddling and you will be surprised how much more productive your business can be.
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