The Quest For Whiter Teeth with Arm & Hammer

I have an adage...don't trouble trouble, till trouble troubles has kept me out of confrontations , bad relationships and things I don't want to do. One of those things is frequent trips to the dentist. I mean, I used to think I am not going to the dentist until I have to. Not the prettiest picture, I agree. This adage worked just fine until....I had to go to the dentist. 

My oldest friend is a dental hygienist and the conversation went that like this: 

Me: Hey, if I think I cracked my tooth but it doesn't hurt...I don't have to come in, right?

After a few good choices of phrases that I can't repeat in this blog, an appointment was made for me that week. Followed up my two phone confirmation calls, an idle threat via text and the last straw-a phone call to the boyfriend to ensure that indeed I would be front and center in her chair that week. 

The good thing is even though I couldn't tell you the last time I had my teeth properly cleaned, one rip roaring painful cleaning and an extraction later...I was back to good. Boom! Just like that I could start a twice a year cleaning schedule like a big girl. But this means I would have to start playing with their tools that dental floss thing...and the way I brush my teeth.

As much as I would drop a couple of hundred dollars on sunglasses without blinking, to pay exorbitant costs for an electronic toothbrush was not sold on me. No matter how much my dentist tried to tell me how much I needed it, I just couldn't do it.

Thankfully, I was recently introduced to some fun affordable products from Arm & Hammer. Like any grandma would tell you, baking soda is one of the key ingredients to naturally keep things white. Specifically your teeth! While Arm & Hammer has many products to reward you with optimal dental health, the Spinbrush battery-powered toothbrush is quickly changing the way I brush my teeth.

Products that I am using with noticeable results and a thumbs up from my dentist include the ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush Pro Whitening battery-powered toothbrush, ARM & HAMMER Whitening Booster and ARM & HAMMER Advance White toothpaste with Stain Defense Technology.  These are all great products to help you achieve a bright, white smile and keep your mouth clean.

If your teeth are sensitive, they also have a new Sensitive product line, which includes three varieties of Sensitive toothpaste and a battery-powered toothbrush specially designed for sensitive teeth.

Because I can't explain it as well, click here to see how Spinbrush® stacks up against the "manual" competition. I am really excited to have the opportunity to try something that is new and affordable. There is no reason to use the ole manual toothbrush again. Click here for where you can get your Spinbrush!

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  1. I love their new line of toothpaste that we were introduced to at BlogHer. In fact, it is what we use now. I can tell you, as an owner of one of the expensive brushes, replacing the heads is not cheap. I was just whining about it yesterday. We got our brushes on sale on Black Friday (remember that?) and now every three months, we replace the brush head. Either you purchase a 3 pack at Target for $30 (which doesn't work well since there are 2 of us) or you can get a 6 pack at Costco for $50. NOT CHEAP. Wish Arm & Hammer had this out when we bought the expensive brushes.