The Booby Trap Book Review and Giveaway

One of the neat things about writing this blog, is that a lot of cool opportunities come near me. On the top of the list is the opportunity to read and review a great book and give my readers a chance to get a copy!

The Booby Trap epitomizes the Don't Judge a Book by its Cover logic, pardon the pun. The main character is Bambi Benson, a beautiful, busty waitress at The Booby Trap, which is similar to a Hooters or WingHouse. Appearances are deceiving as Bambi is actually a MBA student only working at The Booby Trap for the extra money to put herself through college. More importantly, she is using her time at The Booby Trap to provide research for her thesis as she is a PHD candidate at Harvard.

The story begins with Bambi at work and Trip Whitley is her customer. Trip is rich but misunderstood and at this first meeting-very arrogant. It is a quick read (because you can't put it down) and a reminder how things are not always how they appear. Trip and Bambi's chemistry is undeniable and addicting. You found yourself empathizing with Trip's character with the ability to see though his arrogance and the money, leaving a boy who seeks approval from his father. I think a lot of us can resonate with that! Bambi is a smart girl that you cheer for throughout the book. I was sad when it was over, I hope that there is more tales from this couple up the author's sleeve!

Anne Browning Walker, the author, is a career writer and researcher but this is her first fiction novel. Find more information on Anne here on her website or Twitter.

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